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 The West Wing

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PostSubject: The West Wing   Mon 20 Jan - 13:38:09

The West Wing

We awoke deeply refreshed and rested. I found that all my spells were restored and the clerics amongst us had also experienced the same rejuvenation. Those of us who had been wounded found that they had healed too overnight, if that was the right word in this timeless place.

We searched on, discovering a bedroom containing a four poster, occupied by an ogre dressed in a scanty silk nightdress. She identified herself as Janet D’Amberville but quickly seemed to take an unhealthy interest in our halfling.

She seized him and we were forced to attack, but mindful of the dangers of killing one of the family we exercised restraint and fled the room after several of us were wounded. I used a web spell to cover our retreat and we returned to the main hall. We checked the next room which was another bedroom containing a ghostly middle aged couple.

They attacked Barakor who was in the lead and Ripven who opened up with his spiritual hammer, Eldras joined the attack too but then Zionestes decisively turned the tide, literally turning the undead driving them back against the wall where they were easily despatched, Eldras managing a memorable but somewhat moot double triple damage attack with Gut Wrencher.

We had barely recovered when our old friend Janet reappeared having got out of my web much quicker than I expected. We were caught offguard but were forced to respond with deadly force and despatched her.

On to the next room and again Barakor led the way in. This room was full of cat creatures; humanoid and clad in leather armour they attacked hissing and spitting. They bit and scratched, wearing iron razor tipped claws over their paws. We all piled in except Roscoe who seemed to think more searching was required in the bedrooms we had already visited.

This room was more like a study though it was clearly the quarters of these creatures with their bedrolls scattered around the place and a wooden chest in the corner. We fought desperately with the creatures causing a lot of injury. I used burning hands and then fell back but one pursued me and I fell badly injured. Fortunately Zionestes who had been dispensing cure spells from the rear slew the beast and healed me.

Holly the monk was highly effective with her open hand technique stunning at least two opponents. Barakor, Grom and Eldras did a lot of damage but took a lot too especially the elf. Ripven tried out his new staff but it didn’t seem particularly effective as a weapon.

Roscoe returned eventually, but instead of joining the fight which was admittedly subsiding by then, went straight to the chest and checked it out. Amongst other things he had apparently discovered that the ogre was male, though how he felt this was a useful function at this point was beyond me.

The last cat creatures fell dead at last and we had another healing session. The chest turned out to be full of platinum and gold, too much for even Roscoe to palm. Roscoe also went scouting further East in the main hallway and reported an overhead gantry and another couple of doors before it ended.

We needed another rest after this titanic struggle and once again the ring activated and we enjoyed deep untroubled sleep. Barakor was convinced we had missed a secret door in the ogre room and we returned and this time discovered it.

In the secret bedroom we met Richard D’Amberville, a lion headed giant who seemed pleasant enough but who did nothing to assist us. He had obviously observed us during the earlier fights in the boxing ring as he commended Holly on her lion heart. He did not know where Stephan was though he did say he wasn’t in this wing.

We awoke and moved out again checking the last south side door whilst keeping a wary eye on the overhead gantry. We discovered a large decayed dining room, however, we found places set with our names and suddenly ghostly figures appeared and the room appeared suddenly as it must have been in its prime though we could still get flashes of the rotting state of the room through the images of finery.

Entering through the walls the ghost guests were oblivious to us and took their places at table for a banquet. We joined them, hesitantly at first, and ghostly servants brought each course via the gantry which opened onto a balcony served by two flights of stairs.

Each of us made our decisions about what food and drink to take; it seemed normal enough and much of it was tasty. Some of it had unusual effects, our talking sword Vitrix that I had given to Barakor (it was getting a bit frisky with me) could only say the whole room was magical so was of little help. I was violently sick after trying the mushroom for example whilst Eldras looked positively glowing after the same.

Holly and Grom seemed to benefit from the meal, but Barakor appeared to almost phase out at one point and for a moment it looked like he was joining the ghostly diners, but his gods were with him and he stabilised in the real world. There seemed to be other effects too some subtle, some less so, I’ll tell you this though, I‘ve been starving ever since.

We rested again after the banquet, and I was troubled by a strange dream. When I woke it seemed that others had experienced identical dreams, what was happening to us?

Mapping 20
Characterisation & Roleplay 30
Use of Web Spell to restrain Janet 75
Finding the secret door room 10 20
Ogre 15
Rakasta 1450

Total 1610

Characterisation & Roleplay 30
Wraiths 300
Ogre 15
Rakasta 1450

Total 1795

Characterisation & Roleplay 30
Healing 20
Deducing location of secret door room 10 20
Reserved award 50
Wraiths 300
Ogre 15
Rakasta 1450

Total 1885

Characterisation & Roleplay 30
Ogre 15
Rakasta 1450

Total 1495

Saladin/ Grom
Characterisation & Roleplay 30
Ogre 15
Rakasta 1450

Total 1495
Characterisation & Roleplay 70
Reserved award room 3 750
Rakasta 1250
Scouting 100

Total 2170

Healing 20
Saving Kravaine 150
Turning wraiths 975
Rakasta 1450

Total 2595

Characterisation & Roleplay 20
Healing 20
Spiritual Hammer room 11 75
Wraiths 300
Ogre 15
Use of Sanctuary in room 3 combat 40
Rakasta 1450

Total 1920

Name Class 2nd Class B/F Cumulative Target Current Level
Kravaine MU*
1,771 17,839 19,610 22,500
(5) 4
Eldras T*
1,975 15,178 17,153 20,000
(6) 5
Barakor F*
1,037 C*
1,037 10,100/
10,100 11,137/
11,137 18,000/
(5/5) 4/4
Holly M
1,495 15,360 16,855 22,500
(5) 4
Grom F*
1,645 17,183 18,828 35,000
(6) 5
Roscoe T*
2,387 11,595 13,982 20,000
(6) 5
Zionestes C*
2,855 12,676 15,531 27,500
(6) 5
Ripven C*
2,112 9,383 11,495 13,000
(5) 4
*EP Bonus applied

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The West Wing
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