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PostSubject: Deadlock   Mon 6 Jan - 12:42:16


The final engagement on Thamyris saw Overlord Iximinin lead a force 2000 strong to protect the installation code named Forest that would play a key role in the reanimation chambers for the main Thamyris taskforce. He led the doomsday Ark NNV Boiling Rage, two units of immortals and one of wraiths, reinforcements were also assigned but the timing of their arrival was uncertain.

The enemy sent in their blood angels again, sanguinary guard cowered in cover with two units of marines and their warlord in the centre. Two vindicators were forward on the left of their line.

We secured the main objective with Iximinin’s own unit but the Boiling Rage only damaged the vindicator it targeted. Cryptek led immortals moved right to secure the northern objective but the enemy landed a drop pod with assault terminators close to the Boiling Rage.

The entire unit of immortals with Iximinim were wiped out by the enemy vindicators which had remained just out of the assault range of our wraiths, who also suffered losses.

Fortunately the enemy terminators were unable to destroy the ark and the NNV Insurmountable; a Night Scythe arrived and dropped its squad of cryptek led deathmarks which wiped out the terminators with a little help from the Insurmountable’s tesla fire. We also dropped another wraith squad in behind the enemy marines to the west.

Two more marine assault squads now deep struck close to our northern immortals and the deathmarks, a gunship appeared in the west our newly arrived wraiths suffered heavy losses. A dreadnaught had also appeared behind the main western force. The sanguinary guard advanced towards the northern objective and we took losses including the cryptek to the north. The Boiling Rage was destroyed by a lucky shot compromising our heavy fire support.

Our remaining reserves arrived now, the NNV Precision to the west, and the NNV Vengeance and Ultimatum centrally and to our right. The Insurmountable heading north west dropped more deathmarks to the north and they devastated the sanguinary guard leaving only one survivor.

The Vengeance dropped another squad of immortals near the central objective and Iximinin moved to join this unit. Meanwhile our southern deathmarks failed to wipe out the newcomer marine unit and were assaulted. Our wraiths destroyed one vindicator, but we lost our northern immortals. Iximinins new immortal squad could do little damage to the assault marines trying to destroy the central objective and ended up locked in assault like the southern deathmarks.

Our last wraith to the west fell to the dreadnaught in assault and several of our fliers took hits from enemy fire. The Precision shot down one Storm Talon, but it crashed onto our northern deathmark unit. The Precision was then shot down in turn damaging the last vindicator as it did so. The Insurmountable, her weapon systems down fled southward, the Vengeance landed a squad of warriors to seize the northern objective and they wiped out the last sanguinary guard.

The Vengeance destroyed the last Vindicator but not before it had eliminated our gallant warriors and the Ultimatum failed to take out the other marine unit which took the northern objective and destroyed it, our last northern deathmarks falling too. Overlord Iximinin fell in the central assault and as the action broke off our immortals and southern deathmarks remained locked in combat.

We had lost Iximinin, three squads of troops, all three crypteks, the Precision and Boiling Rage, both wraith units and one unit of deathmarks. With the warlord gone and first blood to the enemy plus five objective points together with a bonus point for more surviving units the enemy had scored seventeen to our five units destroyed.

The enemy had five units of marines remaining, two locked in combat and with some losses to others. The remaining storm raven was damaged but the dreadnaught was intact as was their warlord. The Insurmountable was badly damaged but escaped as did the Vengeance and Ultimatum, the former damaged. We had four immortals and five deathmarks remaining, our total losses were 1567, over 78%, the enemy’s losses were estimated at 65% of a force of 1750.

The defeat leaves the Imperials able to delay the awakening of Thamyris for several years and the warzone is therefore decisively awarded to the corpse god. The whole campaign will come down to the final apocalyptic battle…


Orphean Victory Points Awarded:

Necrons 0

Blood Angels 6

Score after final engagement:

Imperials 10

Necrons 4

Campaign Score:

Imperials 33

Necrons 30
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