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 Weeping Angels

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PostSubject: Weeping Angels   Thu 2 Jan - 12:12:12

Weeping Angels

Thamyris saw another Angels offensive with two vindicators leading the attack on the western flank followed by two squads of marines and a chaplain warlord. On the eastern flank another marine squad followed the eastern bank of the brook that demarcated the edge of our position.

Overlord Arkenardin led a group if immortals in the centre occupying high ground. On both flanks similar full squads of immortals took position. Uniquely the immortals on the left were armed with tesla carbines and accompanied by a cryptek with a voltaic staff and lightning field.

Occupying rocky cliffs on the left: five wraiths with whip coils; behind them, four aconthrites. A pair of annihilation Barges, the NNV Endeavour and Harbinger of Glory were in partial cover behind ruins on the right. On the high ground in the centre with Arkenardin; a gauss sentry pylon, a second further towards the western side.

In reserve Arkenardin had two squads of nine deathmarks, each accompanied by crypteks with abyssal staves. For transport they had the Night Scythes NNV Stability and Loyal Servant. A further seven deathmarks stood ready to deep strike. The final trump card: The doom scythe NNV Decisive Purpose.

The enemy advanced before dawn and we took our first losses as a drop pod landed and offloaded a squad of sanguinary guard on the right very close to our immortals and annihilation barges. The guard took shelter in the ruins. The drop pod had sailed through our interceptor fire unscathed.

Our immortals on the left took the brunt of early losses and broke and fled after losing their cryptek and several troops, but fortunately they quickly rallied. Our wraiths assaulted and destroyed the westernmost of the two vindicators for first blood. The sanguinary guard were destroyed as our barges and two immortal squads opened fire on them.

An enemy gunship transport flew on to the west and took early damage locking its velocity, another gunship landed more troops to threaten our centre. The sanguinary guard and marines in the centre assaulted our HQ and the battle there began to go against us.

Our wraiths were destroyed on the left as the two squads of marines concentrated on them and the vindicator continued to damage our left. Our reserves began to arrive in the shape of the Stability and Decisive Purpose, and the efforts of the Stabilityís deathmarks wiped out the eastern marines.

The enemy advance now surged against the west; our aconthrites had failed to destroy the second vindicator and were assaulted and destroyed by the marines. The immortals, weakened and with weapons unable to deal with either the vindicator or storm talon overhead, were forced to fall back to the high ground to await their fate.

The central immortals were joined in assault by the eastern squad, but they were still no match for the marines, who destroyed them utterly. Only the ever living Arkenardin reanimated to join the newly landed deathmark reinforcements which then destroyed the sanguinary guard on our eastern flank. The Harbinger of Glory meanwhile had destroyed the enemy drop pod. Our third squad of deathmarks deep struck but landed well to the east of their intended landing point owing to eldritch winds.

A priest and final survivor from the marine squad in the centre made the high ground to menace the sentry pylon. The other marine squad assaulted the deathmarks and Arkenardin. Our easternmost deathmarks advanced into the enemy deployment zone, screened by the Harbinger of Glory to secure linebreaker. The Endeavour which had been damaged early on remained close to its starting point. The vindicator destroyed the seven deathmarks that had deep struck so far off course.

Our three fliers were now sweeping west and shot down the two enemy fliers and destroyed the last vindicator. But our western flank was still collapsing as the marines and their chaplain destroyed our last immortals and then attacked the western sentry pylon. The eastern pylon suffered damage in assault by the priest and lone marine, but only the priest was left to move on to attack the Endeavour, unsuccessfully.

Our deathmarks and Arkenardin continued to whittle each other away, but though the marines were tending to win individual rounds, the deathmarks were reanimating aided by Arkenardinís resurrection orb. The priest was destroyed by the Endeavour and now all three fliers fired on the enemy warlord and marines, the Decisive Purpose firing its death ray for the first and only time.

Only two marines survived, their morale narrowly holding and only two others were left locked in combat with Arkenardin and four deathmarks. With the battle set to continue, the enemy conceded.

The enemy had suffered losses estimated at 95% with just four survivors from a force of 2000. We had all three secondary objectives and had destroyed nine of eleven units including their warlord aided by damage inflicted by a failed psychic test. Arkenardin, partially restored by his phylactery had lost all three troop units, one sentry pylon, his wraiths and Aconthrites plus one unit of deathmarks.

Two out of three crypteks had fallen and twelve of twenty five deathmarks. The Endeavour and remaining sentry pylon were both damaged but fully operational, the three fliers were undamaged thanks to successful jinking. Total losses amounted to just under 55% of a force 2500 strong.


Orphean Victory Points Awarded:

Necrons 3

Blood Angels 0

Score after 2 engagements:

Imperials 3

Necrons 3

Campaign Score:

Imperials 12

Necrons 30
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Weeping Angels
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