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 Surprise Carnage

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PostSubject: Surprise Carnage   Mon 23 Dec - 8:35:29

Surprise Carnage
Zaracos of Tinrys commanded a battalion of the 266th Eradication Force on Thamyris but failed to establish an adequate defence perimeter for his staging area at Point ZPM. As a result treacherous Imperial Mutant warriors were able to surround the position undetected close to assault range.

Zaracos led a squad of immortals with tesla carbines to the south of the position; he also had two crypteks, one with a lightning field. On his left a squad of pariahs occupied ruins; their cryptek was armed with an abyssal staff.

In the central ruins five eldritch lance armed crypteks provided cover to the whole position. To the North west, Orikan the Diviner and another cryptek led a squad of immortals armed with gauss blasters. Gauss Pylons anchored the south east and north east corners of the position and the Doomsday ark NNV Lance of Fire held the Eastern side, mirrored by the Monolith NNV Black Shadow on the western edge.

To the North a squad of five wraiths, three equipped with whip coils and the annihilation Barge NNV Pure Violence. A CíTan lurked in the south eastern quadrant. Its writhing worldscape would cause some problems to the marines but although unstable planetary forces were at play successive tectonic disturbances and lava eruptions failed to trouble either side.
The enemy appeared from all directions with squads of assault marines appearing from every point of the compass. To the north and south they were supported by sanguinary guard including the infamous commander Dante who was to the North East. A priest accompanied three squads.

The onslaught began with the western marines bringing their meltas to bear on the Black Shadow and the monolith blew up under heavy fire. The north was less successful a marine falling in the dangerous terrain there and little headway being made against the Pure Violence, Orikan however was picked out by a shot from Commander Dante and killed by a lucky shot. The marines did then fail to assault.

The main action though took place in the south where the enemy assaulted our overlord and his squad. Although many marines fell to our overwatch and the lightning field the combined efforts of the sanguinary guard and remaining assault squad killed Zaracos and half his team.

Unknown to our attackers however, Zaracos had an Armageddon device which he set off as he fell, blasting a huge crater that finished off his own squad, a cryptek in the central ruins and the majority of the attackers, leaving just three standing. The apocalyptic nature of the device left no chance of reanimation.

We then opened fire, concentrating on the northern attack and all but Dante fell amongst his squad under the guns of our immortals, the Lance of Fire, Pure Violence and northern sentry pylon, whilst our wraiths assaulted the northern marines and broke them causing them to fall back. The few survivors in the south were quickly wiped out by the pariahs, Lance of Fireís port batteries and most effectively the cryptekís abyssal staff. The CíTan did not even have to open fire and sadly was just out of range of the northern marines.

The enemy now brought on gunships from the east and our interceptor fire failed to bring them down, largely owing to some fancy evasive flying by their pilots. The Lance of Fire was wrecked by return fire and our western pylon was assaulted and damaged by the only intact marine squad. A drop pod also landed on or eastern flank and attacked the immortals there, softening them up for Danteís assault.

The CíTan moved to relieve the west whilst our wraiths were assaulted by the regrouped marines in the north. Our pariahs began to move south as Dante single handed wiped out our cowardly eastern immortals. Our crypteks were destroyed by the enemy fliers but the Pure Violence brought one down and then our sentry battery got the second, but too late to save the Pure Violence.

Our wraiths finished the marines but had been severely reduced and only two were left to assault Dante who finished them off fairly quickly. The CíTan eventually fell in the west but with its final explosion there were few marine survivors left to celebrate. Dante moving west joined them and finished off the pylon, but now there were only a handful of marines and their priest left to join.

Our pariahs moved west to engage them having paused to detonate the pesky drop pod and picked off a couple of marines supported by the North east pylon, but the marines then assaulted us. The engagement broke off with just Dante and a priest left, locked in combat with our last cryptek and three of the original nine pariahs.

Enemy losses were 1700 of an original strength of 2000, around 82%. Our losses were 2226 of the original battalion strength of 2499, or almost 90%. However, in terms of units lost and their values, the score was 10 Ė 20 in favour of the imperial mutant troopers.


Orphean Victory Points Awarded:

Necrons 0

Blood Angels 3

Score after 1 engagement:

Imperials 3

Necrons 0

Campaign Score:

Imperials 12

Necrons 30
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Surprise Carnage
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