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 Council of War

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PostSubject: Council of War   Mon 9 Dec - 16:45:59

Council Of War

At the completion of your training you return to the see the Mage at her behest. The citadel seems to be under heavier guard than usual and you are taken deep underground to a part of the complex you have not previously visited.

You enter a large audience chamber, the Mage is seated at the head of an oval table, in front of her a large book. There are a number of other figures of various races seated around the table too, most of whom are newcomers to you, but several of you recognise people of your own race.

The Mage welcomes you as you sit and servants pour you wine.

‘Thank you for coming to this council now your training is complete. Your recent trip to Hells Portal has brought us to a critical point in the search for the Allerzoi.’ She turns to the others introducing you all in turn, then she goes round the table for your benefit.

‘You already know my husband Sibrin who represents today the Treaty States Alliance.’ The ranger barely nods, ‘…and Lord Vellyn who stands for the Council of High Priests.’ The next figure is recognised by Barakor. ‘Lord Vishma.’ Vishma is a fierce looking dwarf in full armour with a huge white warhammer sitting on the table infront of him, attached to his wrist by a slender chain. The Mage continues.

‘Lord Vishma is one of the ten dwarven lords and speaks for all Mostali on this day. Eriengar Cwindkundle..’  A halfling sitting on several cushions which have also been provided for Roscoe grins and nods. Roscoe appears to recognise his name. ‘…Speaks today for the hobbit folk. Styvant Edelweis…’ An elegant looking elf, who appears slightly bored. ‘Styvant speaks here for Elf kind.’ Finally on that side of the table, a gnome is introduced. ‘Snatchdazzle Grobbletyke, Master of Spiders, who speaks for the Gnome kin.’

Turning to her right she introduces the remaining figures. Eldras recognises the first as one of the ruling caste of Rirndale, his homeland. ‘Telma De Remily, one of the seven sentinels of Rirndale...’ De Remily appears slightly uncomfortable and what may be an attempted smile comes across as a clearly more natural scowl.

The Mage has three humans left to introduce, the first armoured figure immaculately coiffed strikes a contrast to the unshaven Telma. The middle figure is not armoured but appears to exude a quiet authority. The last is another burly armoured figure wearing a leopard skin over his armour. He has similar clerical accoutrements to Zionestes who you notice nodded to him as you came in.

‘Sir Deemes Jason of Merenwater, The Mage of Azuria and the Right Reverend Eli Hammer Blammer Leopardskin Idginsmidgin, High Priest of Death, First Lord of Shadowland, Slayer of the Yuan Ti, Scourge of Perrenland and Smiter of Pagan Heathens.’ The Mage gives Eli a slightly exasperated look at the end of that sentence before continuing. ‘They each represent one of the United Provinces.’

‘Taim son of Discin is also here…’ An empty chair suddenly flickers and a dwarf appears seated in it. It is the dwarf Master thief that you met on your recent visit to Mirath. ‘… to represent Mirath.’ The dwarf’s image nods to everyone in the room. ‘Couldn’t tear yourself away then?’ Says Styvant.

‘I couldn’t leave my city defenceless with elves about the place now could I?’ The dwarf replies gruffly but without malice. ‘Well it’s a good turnout’ begins the Mage, ‘Which tells us just how serious the position is.’ She rests her hand on the book infront of her and you notice that it’s the one with the large A embossed on the front that you found and partly translated in Hells Portal.

‘Hells Portal has given up several secrets: Kravaine wears an amulet and robe of power, Eldras now bears a gutrip sword, only the second of which I have heard.’ Styvant looks particularly interested in Eldras at this, others focus their curiosity on Kravaine. ‘And this book… how long since four such artefacts were found together?’

‘And they were brought there recently. There was nothing there when I passed through the portal twenty years ago.’ This from Styvant. The Mage nodded, ‘Plus we have reports of an agent named Devro or possibly Trinner travelling the system, he was seen at three different locations, clearly not there by random chance. This means someone has access to a command terminal such as the ones only we in this room control.’

The elegantly robed Mage of Azuria spoke quietly. ‘We should speak now of the book.’
The Mage of Krim nodded. ‘The book is not conclusive proof of anything, but it mentions names unspoken for a thousand years.’ Sir Deemes interrupted ‘And let them remain unspoken, those names laid waste the world after poisoning it first, set the dwarves and elves at each others throats, opened us to other dimensions so that we are still clearing up their legacy and probably always will.’

Styvant responded to this. ‘Passionate words, I dread to think how you would be had you been there, I doubt your paladinhood would survive it!’
Vishma leaned forward his chain rattling as a large chunk of it fell to the floor. ‘We cannot change the past, we must change the future. If the Allerzoi return they will use the world as their plaything again.’

A small voice piped up. ‘I’m not really terribly up to speed on these things, why do we think they will be back again?’ It was Eriengar, the halfling who spoke. Eli responded, ‘Our wise hobbit has the nub of the matter. We have a report of an agent who may be acting for the Allerzoi and is certainly using the network, a rash of artefacts appearing and some unfavourable auguries. There is someone absent today that we should surely involve in this discussion.’

Taim spoke at this point. ‘I agree, he should be involved. There is no one more critical to the question, or better equipped to aid us.’ Several nods around the table at this, but not from the Mage of Krim you notice. Sir Deemes spoke again. ‘I don’t believe that would help. What can we not achieve with the powers at our command? He serves a purpose where he is, he has withdrawn from the affairs of the world, and rightly so.’

Telma added his agreement. ‘There is balance now, he should not ripple the waters.’ But the Mage of Azuria spoke again: ‘There is the chance of evil, more powerful than anything we could deal with, there is no threat to us consulting him, there is no harm in an embassy, there is only information to gain, and without information, we have nothing. I propose a vote.’

‘The terms of your vote?’ Asked the other Mage.

‘We agree to send an embassy to the Mage of the Great Plains to put the facts before him and invite his counsel.’

‘Many here have history with him.’ This from Sibrin.

‘And much of it good’ said Eli.

‘There is an obvious solution to the composition of such an embassy.’ This from the Mage of Azuria again.

‘Very well. The Vote then. We petition the Mage of the Great Plains for his advice on the evidence gathered pertaining to the threat from the Allerzoi. I vote No. Sibrin?’



‘When one has a weapon, one must judge carefully when to use it and when not to: Yes.’


‘No, it is an unwarranted risk’


‘When the cure is worse than the disease? No’


‘You’re immune to disease are you not? I say yes.’


‘Can you define unwarranted Telma? Definitely yes, Shadowland says yes’

Turning to the other side of the table the Mage continued to take the vote, jotting down the responses on a paper.


‘The Mostali say yes’






‘I see no harm in it. He’s a good man. Yes.’

‘Snatchdazzle, you’ve been quiet’

The little gnome scratched his beard and waved an unlit pipe as he talked.

‘I see little or nothing to consult about, let sleeping Mages lie: No.’

The Mage of Krim spoke. ‘Then the vote is six against and six in favour. Deadlock.’

‘There is yet a vote unheard’ said the Mage of Azuria looking at the party. ‘They are not voting members of this councel Mengengar.’ The Mage of Krim looked angry. ‘And yet here they are, Aratheas, sitting in the Chamber of Decision, in the Council chamber, at the council table, at a meeting that had only one purpose. I heard no special dispensation excluding them from these proceedings. I am sure that you don’t need me to quote the exact passage of the constitution.’

The Mage of Krim stared at him and then laughed in spite of herself. ‘I forget that you spend most of your days chairing the council of the Provinces since you became president. Touché my old friend. Let not this matter stand between any of us, however the vote goes.’

This met with a couple of hear hears and many nods and the tension was broken. Vishma stood up: ‘I have been too long without food I think; I suggest we break for refreshment, I for one could use some of the well known Krim hospitality to offset some of this excellent wine, by which of course I mean a decent pint, wine is for wizards. This will allow our guest council members to consider their vote carefully before we proceed. Motion carried!’

And that was it. The meeting broke up and you are taken to a comfortable room nearby with refreshments. The council will reconvene in 30 minutes to hear your vote.

Current vote

In favour of consulting the Mage:

High Priests’ Council
The Dwarves
The Elves


The Mages’ Council
The Treaty States
The Halflings
The Gnomes
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PostSubject: Re: Council of War   Wed 11 Dec - 13:04:47

Hmm All good says Roscoe, but so far no on e has said what the threat seems to be, other than some dangerous items that we seem to have.
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Council of War
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