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 Sledgehammer Finale

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PostSubject: Sledgehammer Finale   Mon 9 Dec - 16:39:52

Sledgehammer Finale

Overlord Tryk G’Shey led an attack on the Blood Angels Staging area in grid Yellow 61. The attack could be decisive in the campaign as if this position and its defenders could be destroyed the entire principle Imperial force would be forced to withdraw from Hydroghast as the void shield protecting the entire Imperial Army Group IX could be disabled from this secret command post.

The Imperials relied on a discrete but elite force to protect the installation: Three units of Blood Angel marines manned aegis defence lines with three quad interceptor batteries. Each unit was accompanied by a priest and a librarian warlord was in command.

How the Necrons knew was never discovered, but know they did and a major strike force under G’Shey was vectored in from both east and west as several squadrons of Necron vessels blockaded the area for a thousand kilometres in every direction. Only two imperial gunships broke through the cordon, each bearing a squad of sanguinary guard.

G’Shey led a unit of immortals approaching from the east; Illuminor Szeras a similar sized unit with enhanced ballistic skill approaching the more heavily protected western side of the site. The Doom Scythes NNV Triple Threat and Sure Purpose approached from the East together with the Night Shroud NNV Stratospheric Majesty, following them in the Night Scythe transport the NNV Ultimatum.

The Imperial interceptor batteries opened fire, shooting down the Stratospheric Majesty and Sure Purpose and damaging the Triple Threat. Meanwhile on the ground, the Doomsday Ark NNV Focussed Anger approached from the east and a pair of Gauss Pylons arrived from the west. Deep striking close to the North West of the Imperial lines: five wraiths including three with whip coils and one with a particle caster.

The Ultimatum meanwhile landed her deathmarks led by two crypteks close to the South eastern edge of the marines’ position. Our immortals advanced on both sides, Szeras hanging back in difficult ground. On the western side our gauss fire was almost completely ineffectual against the larger portion of the enemy, but in the east devastating volleys from the fliers and our deathmarks took out all but one marine who then fell running into difficult terrain to try and find cover.

On the western side though the marines took the offensive to our troops, inflicting losses on our immortals who fled back to the high ground where they were assaulted and destroyed by their pursuers.

Four more of our wraiths deep struck now landing to the south west, close to the automated interceptor battery abandoned by the assaulting marines. The Doom Scythe NNV Without Fail appeared from the west with the Night Scythe NNV Ever Vigilant, interceptor fire brought down the latter but at least fire was reduced with one battery now held by our deathmarks.

The Ultimatum beamed down a second squad of cryptek led deathmarks into the heart of the Imperial complex and they opened up on the marines there, wiping out them out including their warlord. The Without Fail and Focussed Anger engaged the marines who had left their defences and significantly depleted that squad too.

Marine reinforcements landed in the form of the Sanguinary Guard dropped from the two gunships that arrived from the south though our pylons and captured quad gun battery damaged both transports. Both our deathmark squads were assaulted and despite mass overwatch fire and lightning fields, both squads were destroyed.

The western guard squad paid for its victory with sixty percent casualties, the eastern unit lost twenty percent, but in the east both of our slain crypteks reanimated. Our immortals moved forward and destroyed the eastern guard, caught in wicked crossfire from our resilient crypteks. Meanwhile the Without Fail, Ultimatum and our gauss Pylons shot down both enemy fliers. The western guard were also cut down as our wraiths assaulted.

Szeras away to the west struggled for some time with three opponents before finally falling, but he re animated and both our wraith squads moved towards the priest and two remaining marines. Weapons fire from the Focussed Anger and Triple threat wiped out the last survivors of the Imperial defenders, ironically tesla arcing from the Triple Threat’s fire killing Szeras.

The enemy force of 1500 had been wiped out; their 300 value fortifications captured with all weapons operational though one was damaged. We had lost seven units: The Stratospheric Majesty, the Sure Purpose and Ever Vigilant, plus Szeras, his immortals, both units of deathmarks and two out of four crypteks.

The Triple Threat was damaged but operational, but incredibly our pylon battery, the Focussed Anger, Ultimatum, Without Fail, all nine of our wraiths, the other ten immortals and our overlord were all unharmed. Our rallied forces were 1785 strong, a loss rate of just over 40%.

The enemy had lost all nine units including of course their warlord making the overall score slightly academically ten seven in our favour. To add to Imperial woes their warlord was confirmed dead after emergency surgery was unsuccessful. Hydroghast was reclaimed by its rightful owners who gained a whopping maximum possible campaign points award after three unanswered wins in this warzone.


Orphean Victory Points Awarded:

Necrons 6

Blood Angels 0

Tyranids 0

Score after 3 engagements:

Imperials 0

Necrons 12

Tyranids 0

Campaign Score:

Imperials 12

Necrons 31

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Sledgehammer Finale
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