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 Hydroghast Zone: Evacuation Extermination

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PostSubject: Hydroghast Zone: Evacuation Extermination   Mon 18 Nov - 17:19:53

Evacuation Extermination

Overlord Tryk G’Shey led a reconnaissance assault against the Imperial outpost Gamma Six close to the Northern Magnetic pole of Hydroghast. Although his force was outgunned, a critically important imperial agent was about to be evacuated from the outpost landing pad and had to be stopped.

Tryk landed with a squad of immortals on the left flank, two squads each of four wraiths in the centre and the Doomsday Ark NNV Tempered Steel on the right. Called in from operations against the fortress Haligat at short notice, an additional squad of immortals and a squad of Deathmarks each led by a cryptek were incoming aboard the Night Scythes NNV Soaring Majesty and NNV Flank Speed, but with the arrival of an evacuation shuttle Tryk could not afford to wait.

The opposition was formidable indeed: Estimated at 1875 strong, it comprised five squads of marines, a dreadnaught and two squads of sanguinary guard, one led by a librarian personally escorting the agent. Tryk’s forces amounted to just 898 with another 602 expected as reinforcements.

The marines, sensing our weakness sent three assault squads and the dreadnaught forward, the latter assaulting our right hand wraiths and marine units targeting the rest. Our other wraiths were the only unit to actually be assaulted and both wraith units took losses, whilst the immortals’ casualties from marine rapid fire reanimated.

The Tempered Steel opened fire with its Doomsday cannon and its shot fell slightly short, but the enemy librarian was killed by the powerful weapon, decapitating the enemy formation. Our wraiths fighting the marines were destroyed and the immortals’ fire on our left flank was ineffective.

The enemy closed with our left and inflicted some casualties whilst our remaining wraith squad was down to just one though the dreadnaught was immobilised. The Tempered Steel’s fire remained inaccurate as the enemy agent fled, but both our night scythes arrived at speed and opened fire on him and his sanguinary bodyguard. Sadly this had little or no effect.

The enemy at last assaulted our immortals and challenged Tryk; the assault did not go well and we broke after losing the combat and were destroyed in a sweeping advance. Tryk failed to reanimate but phased out successfully for repair. Our lone wraith destroyed the enemy walker at last and moved off whilst two marine squads exchanged fire with the Tempered Steel.

The Tempered Steel’s flank batteries cut down half a dozen marines including both sergeants, but her fire targeting the squad that had destroyed our immortals was ineffective. The Soaring Majesty dropped her immortals now on the left of the two squads of sanguinary guard, the Flank Speed dropping her immortals on the right in a pincer movement.

The death marked agent and his unit were wiped out by the cryptek’s abyssal staff, the deathmarks did not even have to open fire. The immortals took out two of the other guards including the banner bearer and the night scythes wiped out the remaining trio. Snap shots aimed at our flyers continued to fail to strike home.

Our wraith fell to enemy marine fire but the other units, lacking meltas, could do nothing against the Tempered Steel’s quantum shielding. Her return fire devastated Tryk’s slayers leaving a sole survivor and continued to deplete the other two squads. The Flank Speed had moved off out of range, but the Soaring Majesty remained just in range of one of the rearguard marine units.

Without the deathmark, the abyssal staff fire was ineffective on the marines, but the sniper fire still did heavy damage, supported by a full gauss barrage from the immortals and voltaic staff blasts from the other cryptek. The destructor fire of the Soaring Majesty inflicted losses on the other unit and the rearguard marines were left highly depleted as the action broke off.

We had lost our wraiths, overlord and one unit of nine immortals. Incredibly, we had no casualties amongst our other five units, though the Tempered Steel had taken a glancing hit. Rallied forces were 777 strong, a loss rate just below 50%.

The enemy had lost their warlord, both units of guard and their dreadnaught, plus of course their agent. Two of the five units of marines had almost been wiped out and the remainder were all at about half strength. It’s estimated that their losses were about 80%, but with the agent a critical loss the score was seven – four in our favour.


Orphean Victory Points Awarded:

Necrons 3

Blood Angels 0

Score after 1 engagement:

Imperials 0

Necrons 3

Campaign Score:

Imperials 13

Necrons 9

Four wins in a row (Space wolves & Blood Angels, Chaos Marines, Imperial Guard, Blood Angels) – Best Necron winning streak, beating three, May/ June 2012 (V Tau, Dark Eldar & Tyranids, Tau & Chaos Marines)

But not best unbeaten streak, seven, three wins and four draws, Feb/ March 2012 (V Dark Eldar, Tau & Dark Eldar with Tyranid allies, Tau aided by Chaos Marines, Tau, Tau & Dark Eldar aided by Tyranids again, Tau aided by Dark Eldar and Tau.
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Hydroghast Zone: Evacuation Extermination
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