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 A new Kabal

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: A new Kabal   Wed 6 Nov - 12:36:13

Lord Archon Sythrac havin heard of the demise of Ruthon M'arrow, has wasted no time in preparing to lay claim to Orpheus himself.  Taking his Kabal of 13 Sins, a small branch of the Black Heart, he has sized up the forces and decided that Hydrogahst is where he will make his first move of aggression.

He has amassed quite a Kabal, including Ravagers, Raiders, Venoms, a Tantalus, Wyches, Kabal, Trueborns, Bloodbrides, and Incubi.  Thats before his dark allies are counted.

A plan has been hatched - and captievs will be begging for the release of death - not something he is famouse for granting
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A new Kabal
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