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 Chaos Routed

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PostSubject: Chaos Routed   Mon 4 Nov - 13:09:17

Chaos Routed

Overlord Bellanhak led a 1973* strong force against Chaos Marines attempting to prevent Necron forces setting up a new base on Qualancia VII. Holding three objectives, Bellanhak had strong elements of the 70567th Assault brigade including the Annihilation Barges NNV Unconquerable, Inexorable and Force of Will.

*One Cryptek was off sick

He led ten gauss blaster equipped immortals in the centre securing the objective there whilst ten tesla carbine equipped troops held the right. To the left, a single heavy destroyer with three escorts held that flank, a Triarch stalker close by. In the centre were four whip coil toting wraiths.

The enemy attack developed first with a defiler and landraider advancing centre left and Nurgle bikers threatening the right. Two rhinos advanced in the centre, one emitting smoke. Plague zombie troops secured objectives to the rear on both flanks. Psychic attacks that would hamper our immortals in particular for most of the engagement, began at once.

Our destroyers were targeted for destruction by the enemy left and the Triarch stalker had its heat ray knocked out before firing a shot. Our counterfire inflicted some damage on the chaos defiler which lumbered towards the destroyers which had damaged it. The Nurgle bikes were badly mauled by our central immortals and the two right hand barges and finally destroyed, in assault on the wraiths, an assault that followed the wraiths dismembering of the right hand rhino in a ferocious assault.

The passengers poured out and got into assault with the wraiths, a struggle which would endure most of the battle. The Unconquerable exploded under fire as the landraider advanced ominously whilst on the right the Force of Will advanced rapidly and attacked the enemy holding the right hand objective, eventually halving their number and driving them off.

Air support in the shape of Night scythes NNV Twilight Marauder and NNV Hurricane Force arrived and added their tesla fire to the mix, the Hurricane Force disgorging deathmarks and a cryptek in the centre behind the landraider and the five terminators that  
emerged from it.

The destroyers on the left were despatched by the badly damaged defiler and the stalker was also destroyed by the land raider. The warriors landed by the Twilight Marauder in front of the land raider inflicted serious damage on it aided by their cryptek’s voltaic staff, but it was the gauss blasters of Bellanhak’s own squad that finally stopped it. The Defiler was knocked out after failing an assault on the Inexorable.

Before that happened though, the warriors had been assaulted and destroyed by the terminators and they had re embarked on the damaged vehicle. When it was finally stopped as it crashed over the wreckage of the stalker, the terminators emerged again and split up, the leader attacking and Challenging Bellanhak, the two surviving terminators attacking the deathmarks who with their cryptek had accounted for three terminators after wiping out the passengers of the other rhino, destroyed by a Night Scythe.

The Night scythes were flying almost unchallenged and unscathed firing on units all over the field including the terminators and plague zombies holding the objectives. Apart from the Rhino though, their biggest achievement was shooting down the fearsome Helldrake that had attacked our wraiths and immortals early on.

Our wraiths had been responsible for first blood destroying the rhino and only Nurgle bike that survived our gunfire, but they finally fell having reduced their opponents to just two marines which were finished off from the air. The overlord, despite being psychically attacked had reduced the enemy warlord to just one wound when the action broke off.

Both sides held one uncontested objective, we had first blood and the enemy linebreaker so it was a draw, but Bellanhak’s warlord trait awarded a further victory point for surviving, scoring it five four to us. The enemy had just two terminators and their injured warlord plus perhaps half of their plague zombies.

Enemy losses were estimated at 85%. We had 1006 remaining, a loss rate a little under 50%. We had lost five complete units: The wraiths, destroyers, warriors, stalker and one barge. We had lost a cryptek with the warriors, immortal losses were around 25% and deathmarks ten percent. Although a narrow victory a seventh turn would probably have improved our position slightly.

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Chaos Routed
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