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 Orpheus Campaign: Zone II Complete

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PostSubject: Orpheus Campaign: Zone II Complete   Mon 4 Nov - 13:07:52

Set A Marine To Kill A Marine

The Joint Staging area on Arcantis, designated Indigo Niner Six was subjected to a surprise night attack by Overlord Arkenardin. Arkenardin had at his disposal experimental specialist scarabs capable of animating corpses and had assembled a force from fallen Blood Angels with which to assault the base.

A total of 20 tactical marines in two squads supported by two captured razorbacks with searchlights and twin linked laser cannons would spearhead the assault, whilst five terminators would deep strike. Further specialist scarabs were infiltrated into the enemy camp to spread death and confusion, but their attacks were ineffective.

The Blood Angels had terminators on the right of their position and several squads of space wolf troops held three objectives on the left. A heavy weaponry squad held the far left from high ground, two biker squads and a group of wolves held the centre. Our undead troops were positioned to attack the enemy left with the Razorbacks in the vanguard.

After the failed scarab attack our forces advanced and engaged the heavy support team, bikes and wolves but enemy casualties were light.  The marines then advanced their fast units; the bikes and wolves in the centre and the terminators against our right. A drop pod fell behind our advance but mis-happed returning to reserves.

The lead razorback was destroyed by enemy fire for first blood and our return fire continued to be ineffective. The enemy drop pod arrived in the centre of the objectives and ejected a dreadnaught but it was out of range of our razorback which continued to chip away at the heavy support wolves before being destroyed.

The wolves and one bike squad got into assault with our troops whilst our terminators arrived forward on the left by deep strike and began to advance. The Necron forces actually did not arrive until the last possible moment, by then the enemy stormraven was also on the scene in the centre of the enemy formation.

Overlord Arkenardin was aboard the Night Scythe NNV Decisive Action which attacked the enemy centre from the right. With him eight immortals, all armed with gauss blasters. From the left but also headed towards the centre, the Night Scythe NNV Cloud Skimmer appeared and dropped a cryptek and eight more immortals on the centre left of the enemy.

The Cloud Skimmer shot down the enemy flyer whilst the immortals it had dropped knocked out the dreadnaught with the aid of the cryptek’s Voltaic staff. Another cryptek with six deathmarks deep struck behind the slowly advancing terminators and his abyssal staff took out three of the marine armoured behemoths. The enemy warlord was also injured.

The marines had held out against the enemy assault on the left destroying their biker opponents but the right hand squad fell to the wolves. Our remaining squad attempted assault but failed and was then attacked by the wolves. Our dead terminators made short work of their opponents, space wolf troops who broke and fled and the last enemy bike fell to overwatch from the immortals who had lost their cryptek to fire from the marine heavies still holding the western high ground.

Our flyers’ tesla fire wiped out the last troops who had been driven back by the terminators and the terminators now finished the heavy weapon squad in another powerful assault. The enemy terminators easily destroyed the deathmarks; the loss of their cryptek with his veil of darkness had sealed their fate though they did survive a little longer than expected as the enemy delayed their assault for some reason. The Decisive Action was doing damage with its destructor systems against troops defending the right hand objective, and her passengers attacked and finished the job there without loss.

Swapping positions, the Decisive Action and Cloud Skimmer continued to lay down devastating support fire and the immortals destroyed the enemy drop pod and took the centremost of the three objectives. The terminators took out the last troops defending the rearmost objective and Arkenardin held the third.

Our last trooper continued to struggle with the last remaining wolf in the ongoing assault in our deployment zone, our last terminator was left by the central objective, but the enemy warlord and his last two terminators attacked and destroyed our warlord’s immortal squad, forcing Arkenardin to flee, and that’s where the action ended.

We were holding one three point objective and had destroyed more units than we had lost, whilst the Imperium had first blood. Victory to us by a score of four to one then, and with it, the sector fell to us. The marines had just one wolf warrior left, their Blood Angel chaplain warlord and two terminators, an estimated casualty rate of over 75% with eight units eliminated, the blood Angels possibly two thirds depleted, the Wolves probably down 95%.

We had lost five units: the two razorbacks; one of the undead tactical marine units, one unit of immortals and the deathmarks. Both of our crypteks had fallen, and each remaining unit of walking dead had just one survivor left from the original total of 25. Casualty rate amongst the walking dead was around 92%, Necron survivors amounted to 506, a loss rate of one third.


Orphean Victory Points Awarded:

Necrons 5

Blood Angels 0

Space Wolves 0

Score after 3 engagements:

Dark Eldar 0

Imperials 5

Necrons 9

Arcantis Sector is Awarded to the Necrontyr

Campaign Score: Imperials 13

Necrons 9
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Orpheus Campaign: Zone II Complete
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