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 Qataracts last dance

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Qataracts last dance   Tue 22 Oct - 10:37:35

In a sudden webway assault on the supply station Gloria, defended by a contingent of Space Wolves, the Dark Eldar Splinter Cell attacked at sunset.  Pouring onto the defenders with 2 Raiders, a unit of wracks, jetbikes and a Talos pain engine, key objectives were quickly taken.

One such objective had been booby trapped from long ago, forcing the invaders to quickly abandon it, seeking other sources of bounty.  Catching the Wolves by surprise the Raiders and Talos pounded the heavy armour of the Imperials with lances and haywire devices.  Nothing was destroyed, but heavy damaged was sustained and a few marines fell to splinter fire, causing a slow agonising death over ten minutes - even for an Astartes.

The Wolves tried to hit back, but to no gain, other than to close the gap before they launched their assaults.  More firepower was sent in by the Eldar, with Scourges swooping in from deep strike taking out the land speeder and predator battle tank.  More marines were taken down by the resultant explosion, while others fell to the lethal blades of the jet bikes tearing straight through them.

In a rage, comparable to the eye of a Sun, the Wolves unleashed their assaults.  IN a quick and bloody melee they wiped out the scourge and Wracks to a man, sparing none, even the corpses were further mutilated and the Grotesques having been forced from their immobilised Raider were assaulted by the HQ.  Holding up to the first assault, the 2nd round of attackes finished of Qataracts, Lord Haemonculus of the Splinter Cell, who was no match for the HQ Wolf Lord.  Only moments later he then finished off the Grotesques and Talos putting an end to the Dark Eldar raid.

By nightfall the Raiders had obliterated much of the defenders forces, with only 2 units left plus their lord, the Razorwing having finished off the remaining armour of the Wolevs.  But it mattered not, for the Imperials had done enough to force the Eldar back to their dark dimensions.

The Wolf Lord had also made sure that there would be no regenerative process for the Haemonculus has he removed the villains head and took it away with him, but not before consuming his heart.  So would it be the en of the pirate Splinter Cell in the Orpheus Sector, falling under their own lust and internal fighting for new leadership, or will they be back with a vengeance?

Whatever the case, Vaeghex Qataracts will play no more part in the fate of Orpheus.
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Qataracts last dance
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