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 Necron Uprising

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PostSubject: Necron Uprising   Mon 21 Oct - 12:20:36

Orphean Campaign: Necron Uprising

Overlord Mentrhykus led an attack on the Imperial fortress complex of Kathriesta in Sector 8788 of the northern hemisphere of Arcantis. A strong force of Blood Angels held its three bastions set in the dense grassland abutting the main agri processing centre for the whole region. Destruction of the fortress would leave the rear of the Imperial guards’ only armoured division on the planet open to attack from the otherwise lightly defended eastern flank.

The Blood Angels had one turreted bastion with extra heavy weaponry and all three had interceptor quad guns tracking the skies for the expected arrival of the Necrons, however, unknown to them, Menthrykus planned an attack from below with only diversionary air attacks and orbital support. He had a force of 3499 approximately matching the enemy force, but also the element of surprise and bombardments which he hoped would deal with the formidable fortifications.

As the imperial fleet engaged elements of the Necron battleforce in high orbit, tension amongst the defenders rose as reports from the protecting cruisers dwindled and great flashes scarred the heavens marking the passing of ancient Imperial hardware. A Necron vessel then unleashed a fusillade of shots that struck the bastion complex, inflicting losses on several marine units entrenched around them and damaging at least one building.

However it was the port nacelle of the Imperial Battlecruiser Righteous Throne, blasted from its mountings and sent tumbling into the atmosphere that did the worst damage: It hurtled to the ground, trailing fiery debris across the skies and crashed into the turreted bastion destroying it, fewer than half of the marine defenders crawling from the wreckage. A planetquake bomb was also detonated five kilometres below the complex, pinning down a number of marines and causing yet more consternation and confusion.

So as Menthyrkus ordered his attack to commence the Imperium had already suffered heavy losses. In the first wave, one of two units of four aconthrites failed to deep strike close to the southern bastion containing the enemy HQ and terminators and returned to reserve, but the Doom Scythes NNV Relentless Fury and Counterstrike surged on from the west after being denied their planned southern approach by enemy jamming.

Two of four heavy destroyers arrived to the east together with two units of two destroyers and one of four wraiths. Two more destroyers would deploy later. A unit of lychguard with Hyperphase swords and dispersion shields also appeared to the east, close to the two pinned down squads of marines. They were led by Lord Jalkhahak. Also deep striking: to the south east a tomb stalker; to the south, Triarch praetorians, close to the marines who had suffered most heavily under bombardment.

The Relentless Fury exploded unluckily under fire from enemy interceptors but the sanguinary guard defending the North West were hit hard by the Counterstrike’s death ray and the marines who had survived the destruction of the northern defence tower were further depleted by her tesla fire.

Sanguinary guard to the north east took destroyer fire and wraiths assaulted the eastern marines whilst the Triarch praetorians assaulted in the south. The wraith assault broke the marines who fled but quickly rallied. The tomb stalker assaulted the south eastern marines doing damage and the sanguinary guard moved to support their beleaguered comrades on both flanks.

Two enemy gunships appeared from the west and engaged our forces, shooting down the Counterstrike but our forces remained relatively intact in the main although we took some destroyer losses. A drop pod landed to the south east disgorging a dreadnaught which engaged our lychguard at point blank range.

Our second wave was led by the NNV Eternity, a Night Shroud, and its bomb fell squarely on the western tower destroying it utterly and another unit of marine defenders was decimated. Our pariahs who had appeared close to that tower could now assault the survivors but were woefully ineffective. Deathmarks meanwhile daringly deep struck in the central area between the three bastions* close to the HQ tower to the south.

*Or to be more accurate, two smoking heaps of rubble and one bastion.

More destroyers and heavy destroyers appeared in ones and twos, one heavy destroyer picked off early by the rallied marines to the North West. More wraiths appeared to the south east and joined the assault involving the tomb stalker and lychguard. The wraiths to the north were now engaged with the sanguinary guard, who joined the assault in the south too with the marines and praetorians still locked in combat.

The Eternity took heavy damage as it surged across the field but did heavy damage to one of the enemy gunships as it fled. Our final wave then arrived, the overlord himself leading warscythe equipped lychguard from the western flank and our final destroyers appearing to the east.

Our aconthrites at last appeared to the North east and south east and attacked the bastion with their meltas and the survivors of the routed marines who were destroyed. The deathmarks did further damage to the marine survivors of the northern bastion but the pariahs fell against the western survivors, the lychguard failing to arrive in time to support them.

The enemy dreadnaught joined the multiple assault to the east and did terrible damage before the tomb stalker broke off, re assaulted and destroyed it. The drop pod remained insolently present and was finally exploded by a heavy destroyer late on. The enemy gunship hovering on the right was destroyed by melta fire from our aconthrites though a destroyer was caught in the blast.

The deathmarks in the centre finished the north western marines but had taken heavy losses from the air and terminators in the remaining bastion. Our lychguard now got amongst the marines to the west but the fell eventually and the marines remained. Our praetorians at last finished off their opponents but they were down to 40% strength and fell back into cover.

The eastern lychguard and their lord fell to air attack and the remaining gunship fell back to the west. Our southern aconthrites and the Eternity had meanwhile destroyed the final bastion but large numbers of terminators survived and emerged. We had one wraith left to the north of them along with just 20% of the deathmarks, their cryptek leader also having fallen, supported by the last heavy destroyer. With the aconthrites in the south destroying the last marines they could now support the two remaining praetorians and single wraith left to the south of the terminators.

The terminators were assaulted by our wraiths, praetorians and aconthrites but took little damage, destroying all four units quite easily, one wraith even falling to overwatch. They then assaulted and eliminated the heavy destroyer and deathmarks to the north. Our Night Shroud was shot down by the damaged gunship that remained.

The battle ended with the vaunted fortress a mass of cratered ruins. Only two terminators survived to escort their Reclusiarch warlord and the crippled gunship was to crash and explode when it attempted a landing at the nearest emergency airstrip. Enemy strength at the close of the battle was estimated at less than 15%.

Only three aconthrites survived the battle, a loss rate of over 95%, 22 units, but the enemy had lost more, largely because of the large number of commander types including half a dozen priests. Mentrhykus himself having phased out did recover after the battle though may bear scars at least for the next engagement.

In related news Dark Eldar Raiders were driven off by a detachment of Space Wolves in an adjacent sector.

Orphean Victory Points Awarded:
Necrons 4

Blood Angels 0

Space Wolves 1

Dark Eldar 0

Score after 2 engagements:

Dark Eldar 0

Imperials 1

Necrons 4

Campaign Score:

Imperials 14

Necrons 0
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Necron Uprising
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