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 The Arcantis Cluster

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: The Arcantis Cluster   Wed 16 Oct - 12:59:14

Having reclaimed Amarah back for the Imperium, the Blood Angels started preparing to reclaim Hydroghast.  The Space Wolves have now arrived to support the Salvation Campaign and set landing in the Arcantis CLuster.

Largely unscathed by the fall, owing to the Necrons placing no value on farmsteads and primitives, the Angles were able to launch their offesives un-noticed by the Ogan Dynasty.  Unitl NOW.   Necron high command has identified the system as the base of operations and decided to attack here in order to prevent the Angles and Wolves from launching further attacks on the rest of the Orpheus system.  A planet strike has been carefully planned by Overlord Mentrhykus to remove the Imperial threat.  But this strike would not arrive from the skies - instead they would attack frmo below.

The battle for Arcantis has been initiated - and along with it the fate of the rest of the system.
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The Arcantis Cluster
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