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 Crushed, Killed & Destroyed

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PostSubject: Crushed, Killed & Destroyed   Tue 8 Oct - 18:38:06

Crushed, Killed & Destroyed

Overlord Arkenardin in an attempt to redeem himself lead a 2996 strong force to take the lost city of Melakortak. His plan was to seize the main bastion with his five wraiths and occupy three other secondary objectives with his two squads of sixteen warriors and ten flayed ones.

An emplaced gauss pylon was located close to the city which would deal with heavy or airborne opposition. It would also deny the bastion to the enemy if we could not take it. The annihilation barges NNV Tormentor and NNV War Scythe bolstered and supported the flanks, gauss armed immortals and the overlord himself held the centre left and tesla carbine equipped immortals the right. In Arkenardinís royal court, four well equipped lords and two crypteks.

In reserve, fifteen warriors aboard the Night Scythe NNV Dawn Assault; aboard the Scythe NNV Immortality: ten deathmarks led by a cryptek. The brilliance of the plan was immediately clear to all concerned, but whilst admiring it the enemy unsportingly seized the initiative and advanced, seizing two secondary objectives and the main objective, the central bastion with all its weaponry, at once.

The enemy also was surprisingly diverse: The expected enemy marines believed to be of the chapter known as Blood Angels approached the left and centre with three units, on the right however, dark Eldar skimmers appeared: Raiders; a venom and jet bikes. To the rear a huge ravager backed up the hostiles.

Lord Fheracax of Tab sent an itemised loss report requesting replacements for the 30th corps* which was destroyed in the action. Let this stand for the account this week.

*Now the 30th Corpse

Warrior Phalanx FHJ 782842-223

Held heavily fortified objective Nexus 70 on our left for the majority of the action and engaged enemy marines and jet bikes that advanced against our left with some success, contributing to the destruction of a Blood Angels unit. However, a few* surviving sanguinary guard reinforcements made it through to them after deep striking in our rear and although heavily in-numbered** they were wiped out.

*Just two actually, but it was enough
**The opposite of out numbered obviously. We apologise for the somewhat esoteric syntax employed in Tab.

Warrior Phalanx KLD 92844-02

Held objective Nexus 50 on our right until wiped out by enemy dreadnaught.

Night Scythe NNV Dawn Assault

Arriving punctually engaged enemy storm talon gunship and shot it down. Deposited its warriors on our left but was hit by enemy melta fire which disabled its weapons and was forced to withdraw.

Warrior Phalanx TEA 723869-10

After arriving via the Dawn Assault contributed to the destruction of the enemy marines that had advanced against our left destroying the Tormentor. Subsequently advanced to seize objective Nexus 11 but caught by sanguinary guard and destroyed in assault despite being in numbered. Also failed to damage the enemy marine unit holding Nexus Prime.

Immortal Squad HTB 77552-32H

Starting on our left engaged multiple enemy units including the enemy drop pod that fell in our centre but destroyed by assaulting sanguinary guard reserves.

Immortal squad LGG 44829422-4747KL

Tesla carbine equipped, this squad started on our right, was surrounded and destroyed by enemy units including Sanguinary guard who made the final assault.

Overlord Arkenardin

Fell in combat with the enemy HQ unit, reanimated and withdrew with me towards Nexus 11 but fell again and phased out as the enemy warlord and few surviving sanguinary guard pursued us.

The Royal Court

Four Lords including myself and two crypteks with eldritch lances engaged the enemy marines attacking our centre and inflicted losses in protracted assault but gradually we were reduced in number in ongoing challenges. Enemy reinforcements arrived to join the attack on us from behind. Mind shackle scarabs were disappointing overall, the enemy warlord and two sanguinary guard were only survivors after our final attack but after Arkenardin phased out I took Nexus 11 myself having been killed at least once.

Gauss Pylon

Its targeting systems were clearly defective as it was targeted on Nexus Prime early and spectacularly missed with all three shots directed at it which would have knocked out the bastion and its weaponry to say nothing of the dark Eldar hellions unit holding it. As a result the bastion weaponry dogged us throughout the engagement. It did shoot down the leading enemy Storm Talon as soon as it appeared but was then destroyed in a titanic explosion by close range melta fire from enemy sanguinary guard that deep struck nearby.

Five Wraiths

Advanced against the enemy centre right and inflicted some losses on the marine unit that would eventually mysteriously consolidate through the bastion wall of Nexus Prime. Dark Eldar elements joined the final assault to finish off the wraiths before treacherously retreating leaving the humans to fight on alone.

Night Scythe NNV Immortality

Arriving promptly, landed its deathmarks centre left of our position and inflicted losses with its destructor despite taking a heavy hit. It then destroyed the enemy dreadnaught before being shot down.

Deathmark Squad 82-23-44-FGYY

Landed and destroyed enemy sanguinary guard unit that had destroyed the Pylon. Aided by their cryptek leader destroyed the drop pod but then broke and fled after being assaulted by sanguinary guard reserves.

Flayed ones

Appearing in their usual uninvited way they infiltrated Nexus 90 where they fell to assault early on. Ironically Nexus 90 then detonated inflicting losses on the attacking marines.

Annihilation Barge NNV Tormentor

Holding our left flank inflicted some losses on marines but destroyed in early assault.

Annihilation Barge NNV War Scythe

Deployed on our right destroyed a Dark Eldar Raider but then detonated by the enemy dreadnaught that emerged from the drop pod.

The enemy was left with one unit of six marines including a priest holding the main objective, two sanguinary guards and their warlord, a chaplain. They had lost three units of guard, two of marines, the dreadnaught, drop pod and two gunships. The Dark Eldar that attacked our right had lost a raider and suffered the loss of some wyches and a grotesque, largely caught in explosions of orbital wreckage strikes. Their jet bikes were taken down by our warriors on the left.

Dark Eldar losses are estimated at Fifteen percent, blood angels at 70%. In objective terms the score was 4-0. Had the Dark Eldar not withdrawn it would surely have been an even faster and more massive defeat for us. The unexpected presence of two units of sanguinary guard in reserve was crucial in swaying the battle as it played out; marine losses probably exceeded 100% of original deployment strength. Our losses amounted to 93% although Arkenardinís survival reduces this to 87%.

Orphean Victory Points Awarded: Imperials 3
Dark Eldar 3

Final score after 6 engagements: Imperials 14

Dark Eldar 3

Necrons 2

Tyrannids 1

The Amarrah Sector therefore is awarded decisively to the scum encrusted violators from the Terran Imperium.

Next Warzone: Arcanis

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PostSubject: Re: Crushed, Killed & Destroyed   Thu 10 Oct - 13:08:52

The Dark Eldar Splinter Cell found what they were searching for, hidden in the main bastion.† Having no further use for their Imperial allies, opened a webway and swiftly departed back to the Dark City.
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Crushed, Killed & Destroyed
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