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 Orpheus CAmpaign: Abject Attack

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PostSubject: Orpheus CAmpaign: Abject Attack   Mon 23 Sep - 13:22:21

Abject Attack

Overlord Carridan was absent for an important hair appointment and oil change and had entrusted command of the 743rd Heavy Assault Brigade to Overlord Arkenardin. What a mistake this would turn out to be.

Enemy marines were cowering in a defensive position behind acid lakes created by venting of industrial effluent from a nearby factorium and the 743rd were ordered to wipe out the force to allow the strategic withdrawal of the remnants of the 40th and 902nd infantry brigades who were taking a pounding in sector Zulu 682 but could not withdraw whilst the marines held this position.

Time was a factor therefore as the relief effort would fail if the enemy were still in place at dusk. To accomplish the task Arkenardin amassed a vastly superior force of 3048 to deal with an enemy estimated at 2025. To the rear he set up two support Pylons capable of laying down fire anywhere on the field with the Doomsday Ark NNV Certain Destruction in the centre, also capable of covering the whole field.

Additional Heavy support was supplied by a pair of Annihilation barges, the NNV Determined Spirit and NNV Shock and Awe which started centrally on our right. In reserve the doom scythes NNV Storming Challenge and NNV Missile of Destiny would provide further punch.

The overlord personally led the right hand squad of warriors with another large squad centre left with the ghost ark NNV Tomb Raider bearing a third, smaller squad of eight. Three heavy destroyers were centre right with a Triarch stalker in the centre. To the rear of the formation three crypteks, one with a veil of darkness and two with voltaic staves were ready to deal with enemy armour.

Also in reserve, a CíTan shard, four destroyers, nine immortals and ten deathmarks, the last two embarked for delivery via the teleport systems of the Night Scythes NNV Unconditional Loyalty and NNV Terror Vortex.

Intelligence failings however were highlighted by the inexplicable appearance of a strong Tau element supporting the Imperial force. The expected Blood Angels comprised some five units of marines and two of terminators plus their warlord. The Tau comprised two units of fire warriors, three of battle suits led by an aethereal, supported by a Riptide.

The enemy occupied three ruined bunkers with the warriors and one marine unit and another squad of marines were behind sandbags in the centre. The terminators flanked the centre and the battlesuits were set back on the flanks with the third unit supporting the towering Riptide centre right with the Tau leader skulking in the ruins.

We began the advance from a far too distant jumping off point, losing the battle at once.

But for the record, weíll give some further details. Early long shots began taking their toll though the sentry pylons early shooting in particular was poor. Hampered by terrain our advance was very slow but our fire began to take a toll on the enemy central bunker in particular. The Storming Challenge was our first reserve on but was shot down before getting into effective range.

On the left our destroyers deep struck and helped take out the left hand marine bunker but a number of the cowardly marines escaped its destruction. The Tau were less robust being wiped out as our annihilation barges closed in but they did damage the warriorsí advance, breaking the overlordís unit after reducing it by over 80%. Only because of Arkenardinís presence did the unit rally and resume the advance, steadily strengthened by the regenerative power of the Tomb Raider. They had also wiped out the heavy destroyers early on.

The normal destroyers were wiped out as they advanced to the fortified area and the enemy blew up forward fortifications as our warriors approached, but setting it off too early it caused no damage. The warriors and stalker eventually reached the forward battlements supported by the Determined Spirit and the marines took losses and fell back behind a second line of defence.

Meanwhile the Unconditional Loyalty offloaded deathmarks against the enemy right and they wiped out 90% of the marines there, breaking their morale. The Tau battlesuits also broke under heavy fire and fled after failing to rally. The marines were made of sterner stuff though and returned to the fray, supporting another marine unit that attacked and assaulted the deathmarks who were destroyed after several rounds of hand to hand combat.

The enemy were able to misdirect our CíTanís deep strike sending it far off course to the rear and now our crypteks teleported in against the enemy left destroying a couple of terminators before being wiped out. Crossing the death mire the Shock and Awe reached the top of the right hand battlements adding to the damage inflicted to the enemy there as the Terror Vortex screamed overhead.

In the centre the death ray attack of the Missile of Destiny inflicted damage and losses against the enemy centre and left before it too was shot down. The stalker was destroyed and both barges fell to assault and exploded, the Tau battlesuits that took out the Shock and Awe moving across to support the centre.

Both warrior units got involved in assault with enemy terminators and it was again Arkenardinís unit that broke briefly before the terminators were destroyed. Arkenardin himself was very nearly killed.

The ongoing bombardment and aerial attack had now reduced the enemy rear to only a few partial units, the battlesuits attacking the centre had been destroyed and our two warrior units, albeit now at half strength, had only two small units remaining against them though the enemy would bring across the marines from the left after the deathmarks were finished.

The Terror Vortex belatedly dropped its immortals in the centre behind the enemy warlord before being shot down and finally the Unconditional Loyalty, having made a wide sweeping turn to return to the battle and attack the enemy right again was shot down after taking out more marines on that flank supported by the CíTan.

The Tau battlesuits on the left had been destroyed too but now the enemy warlord assaulted and broke the immortals, but they rallied and killed the enemy leader as he assaulted again. Our CíTan, having crossed the entire battlefield now failed to assault on the right after it finally arrived, itís misplacement probably a critical factor in the defeat.

The warriors and immortals had finished the few surviving marines centre and left but as dusk fell the enemy still had their Riptide operating in the centre, although by now it had been reduced to one wound, plus the aethereal hiding in the ruins, plus three marines facing off against our warriors in the centre.

At approximately 1800 it was reported that the enemy had completed their destruction of the cut off 40th and 902nd. The relief effort had failed, despite the enemy being reduced to just five, estimated strength 294, a loss rate of 85%. The enemy losses are believed to have amounted to twelve complete units with severe damage to two more and only the cowering aethereal unscathed.

Our force had lost 55% of its strength, around 1706 whilst inflicting losses estimated at 1731. The warriors were at 57% of their strength, the immortals at 44%. We had lost eleven complete units including the four fliers and had six undamaged out of the 21 committed. Arkenardin himself was badly wounded. Despite a lengthy engagement we had started too far back to bring our superior firepower to bear. Amarah is lostÖ


Orphean Victory Points Awarded:

Imperials 5 -1 for losing warlord = 4

Current score after 5 engagements: Imperials 11

Necrons 2

Tyrannids 1
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Orpheus CAmpaign: Abject Attack
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