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 Orpheus Campaign: More Interlopers

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PostSubject: Orpheus Campaign: More Interlopers   Mon 16 Sep - 17:13:12

More Interlopers

Dark Eldar Raiders attracted by the carnage being wrought on Amarah sent a 2000 strong force against Overlord Carridan. Carridan was leading three squads of 14 warriors and three squads of immortals, two with gauss blasters, one with tesla carbines totalling 22 troops.

In support he had the Annihilation Barges NNV Shadow Warrior, Vanguard and Death Dealer and he was part of a unit containing three crypteks with eldritch lances and three lords. In reserve he had the Night scythe NNV Decisive Action carrying another cryptek with a voltaic staff and ten deathmarks.

One warrior squad took the left with another more centrally and the third on high ground to the rear on the right. The three immortal squads occupied the right and centre, the central unit seizing the high ground, whilst the HQ was behind the left centre, partly occupying the three storey ruin there to allow the crypteks commanding arcs of fire. On the left the annihilation barge Shadow Warrior was placed whilst its compatriots shored up the right flank.

The Dark Eldar raiders had a venom forward in the centre with a squad of wyches aboard. Behind facing our right, a Talos Payne engine and plague engine plus more wyches. In the centre were two Raider transports and on our left the enemy warlord amongst a squad of wracks occupied high ground towards the rear. Also on that flank, half a dozen jet bikes.

We got the jump on the enemy and poured a great deal of fire into the exposed venom, but incredibly it survived the huge quantity of fire, largely because of the darkness. The enemy fast units then shot forward at tremendous velocity, the venom ending up behind our left together with the jet bikes which had torn through our left hand warriors, bringing several down.

The HQ engaged the jet bikes but they had moved so fast casualties were light. The wyches that had disembarked were cut to pieces by our warriors’ fire, incredibly 80% falling as they failed an assault centre left and the wracks took a few hits as they advanced. The plague engine advancing through the ruins opposite our right took an early wound. As dawn broke, the NNV Decisive Action approached at speed through the centre and opened fire on the right hand enemy transport causing damage.

The enemy wyches on the right were wiped out meanwhile, despite the shelter of the ruins where they had sought protection. The barrage of sla fire from our immortals and the two right hand barges being so intense it made short work of them, but the enemy had reserves to bring to bear too: Hellions attempting to deep strike in the centre of our rear mis-happed and returned to reserve; more menacingly, a Vyper appeared on our right and some ten winged scourges appeared on our right close to our barges and the immortals there, one falling in the dangerous terrain.

Early heavy fire damaged the Vanguard bringing her to a halt and our centre right immortals fell back to try and meet the enemy threatening our rear. Enemy grotesques led by a homunculi left the badly damaged raider facing our centre right and prepared to assault our central immortals, whilst the Decisive Action, having inflicted some of the damage on the raider took a serious hit from the still distant Vyper.

The Decisive Action, its weapons disabled, turned away to the left to try and escape the punishing melta fire from the three enemy vehicles and deposited its cargo behind the enemy HQ. That cargo was ten deathmarks and a cryptek, and they unleashed a deadly fusillade on the wracks and their warlord, wiping them out without even having to resolve the cryptek’s shots.

The jet bikes were wiped out by our HQ and left hand warriors acting in concert, but not before they had fallen on the Shadow Warrior punching through her rear shielding and causing her to explode. The venom having led a charmed existence sloped off towards our right flank where it met our immortals and was destroyed by volleys of close range gauss blaster fire. In the centre, the grotesques assaulted and destroyed our left hand immortals.

The enemy scourges were destroyed by the Vanguard supported by troops before being finished herself by enemy lance weapons. The right hand immortals took heavy losses as the enemy machines advanced and although our right hand warriors finished off one transport, failure to deal with the machines caused the loss of the valiant Death Dealer which at last failed a jink and exploded making a hat trick of explosions for the raiders. This one also took out several troops contributing to the grievous losses of our right hand immortals.

Meanwhile the luckless Hellions, deep striking at the second attempt in the centre were despatched by our rearmost immortals who were waiting for a fresh target after wrecking the venom, their merciless barrage of gauss fire being cruelly effective against the lightly armoured enemy.

Our centre left warriors were destroyed by the grotesques assaulting again, but the enemy warriors which had disembarked from the enemy’s left hand transport were caught in crossfire between our remaining warriors and the deathmarks who accounted for roughly half each. Final assault attempts by the grotesques, engines and our HQ all failed to make the distance.

The enemy retreated having lost their warlord,* wracks, two transports, two units of wyches, hellions, the scourge, jet bikes and warriors. Surviving, the Payne and Plague engines, both wounded; a raider transport; the viper; two out of three grotesques and the homunculi. Estimated losses: Numerically around 85% but in terms of strength possibly about 70%.

*He was later reported saved however, presumably by the dark eldar’s debauched equivalent of the kiss of life

We had lost one unit of immortals and one of warriors, both to the assaulting grotesques and all three annihilation barges. The deathmarks losses totalled 10%, the immortals 64% and warriors 53%. The Decisive Action was able to escape for repairs to its crippled tesla destructor. No crypteks or Lords were lost and Carridan was unharmed. Total rallied strength was 1187, a loss rate of just over 40%. Ten to Five the final victory score.

Orphean Victory Points Awarded:

Necrons 1

Current score after 4 engagements:

Imperials 7

Necrons 2

Tyrannids 1


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Orpheus Campaign: More Interlopers
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