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 Orpheus CAmpaign: Angelic Upstarts

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PostSubject: Orpheus CAmpaign: Angelic Upstarts   Mon 9 Sep - 13:30:37

Angelic Upstarts

Overlord Carridan despite not being fully recovered from the injuries suffered in the last battle rushed forces to sector BL38 Sierra to meet a fresh attack by the Blood Angels. He took four lords, one armed with a resurrection orb and war scythe and three crypteks, one with a voltaic staff and two with eldritch staves. He positioned himself on the right close to ruins containing an objective

Ten gauss blaster armed immortals occupied the ruins. In the centre a squad of warriors were flanked by praetorians with pariahs in the rear. On the left two more squads of warriors were close to the main objective. Also in the centre, four wraiths with whip coils. In reserve, the doom scythes NNV Lightning and NNV Resolute plus on the ground a tomb stalker and in the warp a CíTan shard armed with pyre shards.

The enemy had tech marines in ruins at the rear on our right holding a minor objective and assault marines, four squads across their front, one holding another objective, this one on our left. Two more objectives lay in the centre. We advanced and opened fire taking out some marines holding the objective on our left. The praetorians surged forward aggressively but our long shots were ineffectual.

The enemy advanced on a broad front and a drop pod landed in the centre delivering a dreadnaught which inflicted losses on our warriors. Our two doom scythes appeared on the right and opened fire on two squads of marines inflicting some losses.

The dreadnaught and drop pod resisted heavy gauss fire somehow and the counter blow cost us more warriors and praetorians. Both doom scythes were then shot down by enemy storm raven gunships.

Our praetorians got amongst the marines on the left and the wraiths the central marines where hard fought and lengthy assaults took place, the enemy breaking but escaping several times, but the enemy gunships inflicted heavy losses though the dreadnaught was finished by gauss fire at last. Enemy sanguinary guard now appeared behind our right drawing back our HQ to counter, and our tomb stalker came on to meet this threat too.

Behind the enemy right we deep struck with the CíTan and we opened fire on the marines fleeing after losing an assault with the praetorians. The marines rallied and attacked again but were eventually destroyed, leaving the CíTan and praetorians to attack the marines holding the left hand objective.

In that battle the praetorians eventually fell leaving the CíTan which was assaulted by the second squad of sanguinary guard which had deep struck to support the beleagured marines. It dealt with these but was finally destroyed by melta fire from the left hand marine squad which had quietly been holding its objective unhindered for most of the battle after suffering early death ray trauma.

But before all that the wraiths had almost destroyed the central marines leaving a sole survivor, however they were then destroyed by the gunship. The gunships had dropped terminator squads centrally and close to our HQ, one then strayed too close to our remaining warriors on the left and it was shot down. One warrior squad had broken and fled under fire from the dreadnaught, only rallying at the second attempt to return towards the main objective.

Back on our right, the immortals broke under assault from the sanguinary guard, but this left them open to fire from our HQ and the survivors were wiped out leaving the immortals to rally, but they were cut down by the gunships before they moved off to the centre where they had a date with death and our wraiths. The terminators they left behind attacked the HQ, their chaplain warlord challenging Carridan.

The other terminators destroyed our warriors and seized the main objective; they then easily destroyed the pariahs as they counter attacked. Our last warriors were wiped out by the surviving gunship, the only resistance left being our HQ supported by the (highly ineffective) tomb stalker which joined the assault against the enemy warlord, his terminators and priest.

Carridan was highly successful with his mindshackle scarabs and after some time destroyed the enemy warlord, whose name is of no consequence, before accepting a challenge from the priest. The three lords who made it to the assault phase all had mindshackle scarabs which also had a fair measure of success in the struggle and †after a long †often stalemated engagement and aided by their enhanced armour and phase shifters, two survived together with all three crypteks. Two terminators still stood though.

The battle was lost however with the enemy holding three objectives and denying another, plus first blood and linebreaker. They also received an additional point for destroying our wraiths, eight one in all taking account of the objectives values with the slain warlord our only score.

Our rallied force was 685 strong, a loss rate of over 75%. Only the useless Tomb Stalker was unharmed, we had lost eight complete units out of eleven committed. The enemy losses were estimated at 64% with the terminator units surviving, one undamaged, both priests, the tech marines, one gunship, the drop pod and two assault marine units though only one marine survived in one unit. They had lost both squads of sanguinary guard, two units of marines, a dreadnaught and a gunship.

Orphean Victory Points Awarded: Imperials 3

Current score after 4 engagements:

Imperials 7

Necrons 1

Tyranids 1

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Orpheus CAmpaign: Angelic Upstarts
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