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 Orpheus Campaign: Tyranids Interfere

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PostSubject: Orpheus Campaign: Tyranids Interfere   Mon 9 Sep - 13:28:52

Tyranid Intervention

Overlord Dyllikos operating in Amarah sector 917-GH reported an attack by Blood Angels on the night of the 23rd, however as the battle got underway a rogue Tyranid element arrived unexpectedly. Time pressure was also severe as nuclear weapons were set to destroy this sector less than two hours after deployment if we could not secure the objectives.

Dyllikos held two objectives but targeted three more. He had three immortal squads, three warrior squads, the Annihilation Barge NNV Burning Spirit and the Doomsday Ark NNV World Ender. The Barge secured the left flank, the Ark the right with warriors holding the right hand objective and on each flank, immortals holding the central objective with squads left and right centrally, the right hand one led by the overlord.

The marine assault began with a drop pod landing on our right with a dreadnaught exiting and attacking the World Ender unsuccessfully. Our heavy gauss fire from several units destroyed both these units for first blood although the World Enderís main armament did nothing but kill an immortal as it scattered. We advanced on the flanks but suddenly Tyranid forces appeared behind both armies.

Both facing assault on two fronts the imperials went all out for the centre and us whilst we split our fire as the tyrannids assaulted both of the objective we held. Our warriors on the left were wiped out by advancing marines who took casualties to the Burning Spirit and left flank immortals. Having survived another melta attack, the World Ender was destroyed by marines in assault and exploded causing several casualties, ironically mostly enemy marines.

Our warriors on the right took losses but held and the marines took heavy losses on both flanks but although our troops holding objectives were holding and even doing well against the Tyranid attackers, the enemy were disputing them and continuing to spawn greater numbers behind both sides, taking both the eastern objectives behind the imperial lines. The Tyranids then sent reinforcements on against both flanks, one creature engaging marines on the right, and their blind bombardment specialists attacking the Burning Spirit on the left.

Assaulted by a huge mother creature which challenged him, Dyllikos eventually fell to its powerful armour piercing smash attacks despite his phase shifter. The marines, depleted could not even hold the main central objective that they had tried to take so with the insectoids holding or disputing every objective and having slain our warlord, they were clear victors. Our final efforts to reinforce ongoing assaults failed to eliminate the few surviving termagants engaged despite our generally superior performance.

As we phased out, we had lost Dyllikos, the World Ender and one squad of warriors plus casualties to our other troop squads totalling four of twenty immortals and twelve of twenty warriors. The Burning Spirit having taken slight damage from the Tyranids, was also able to withdraw fully operational. Total losses were about 53% of the 1000 strong force committed.

Orphean Victory Points Awarded: Tyranids † 1

Current score after 3 engagements: Imperials 4

Necrons 1

Tyrannids 1

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Orpheus Campaign: Tyranids Interfere
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