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 Orpheus has fallen

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Orpheus has fallen   Thu 5 Sep - 17:52:00

It is the year of His Glory 999M41 and the Orpheus sector has fallen. Over centuries strange phenomena has been dismissed as random events in the Emperium, but instead it was a far more sinister plot. The Necron Ogan Dynasty has arisen and they are not impressed. They have successfully removed a small contingent of Minotaur Chapter Space Marines; a founding of Blood Angels; from this sector. And now they seek to consolidate their rightful domain.

But the Emperors Apostles do not give up lightly and now already Blood Angels and Space Wolves have arrived to reclaim the sector for the Imperium. A bloody war is about to ensue where neither sight will cease until their enemy is destroyed. However, there are other forces at play. Dark Eldar, Tyranids and Chaos Marines have been sighted within the sector, and only the Dark Gods know what schisms they plan to throw into the plot.

The fate of Orpheus is uncertain - but in HIS name mankind trust their lives. For the glory if the Emperor - Orpheus will be salvaged.
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Orpheus has fallen
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