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 Orpheus: Avenging Angels

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PostSubject: Orpheus: Avenging Angels   Tue 3 Sep - 12:50:03

Avenging Angels

Overlord Carridan having failed to decisively rout the Blood Angels in his earlier ambush retired to a position in the ruins of a city some fifty kilometres to the North where the enemy warlord found him with Angels matching his 2000 strong attack force. Carridan had seven praetorians on his eastern, left flank, four wraiths with whip coils on his right, the western side of the field.

Inside his battle line the Annihilation Barges the NNV Awakened Fury to the west and the NNV Forged Steel to the east. Across his whole front, four squads of five immortals with gauss blasters, one atop a tall ruin to the north east of his deployment zone, two in trenches east and west and the fourth in the centre in a shell hole.

The Overlord himself was central to the formation with three crypteks and two lords. In reserve, a full team of deathmarks lurked in the warp. Two of his troop units held objectives and the other two were within striking distance of the other three. To the rear, Overlord Khabakai stayed back with three more crypteks and two more lords.

The enemy seized the initiative and began to advance, their weight massed to the west where three assault brigades and two units of sanguinary guard lay. A drop pod landed behind our eastern flank disgorging terminators. Our deathmarks shadowed the drop pod in, landing behind it in turn.

There was little incoming fire and Overlord Khabakai’s unit moved to support the deathmarks attacking the infiltrated enemy unit, but it was tough and took little damage despite heavy fire from several units. The enemy marines meanwhile took heavy losses from our centre and right hand immortals supported by the Awakened Fury and Forged Steel. Our praetorians meanwhile had advanced, partly to avoid the threat of assault from behind.

The enemy marines now assaulted our right wiping out the squad there and the enemy terminators assaulted Carridan’s squad which broke and fell back, the terminators unable to make a sweeping advance. The marines continued to take losses from the tesla and gauss fire of our remaining units, one unit was completely destroyed, but now their gunship appeared bearing a dreadnaught which it dropped on our left.

The drop pod had been destroyed by voltaic fire from Khabakai’s unit which now deep struck again aiming to get behind the advance of the enemy on the western flank. The squad landed in the trench system close to where our right hand immortals had fallen and our wraiths had engaged the marine with their whip coils.

The praetorians now assaulted the depleted terminators and eventually destroyed them and their chaplain warlord. Our immortals on the left fell to assault and broke and the sanguinary guard assaulted and destroyed two of our immortal units including those placed high in the ruins on the left, which also broke and fled. The dreadnaught inflicted losses on the deathmarks before being destroyed by voltaic fire from our depleted HQ.

The gunship continued to inflict damage on the deathmarks who had taken to the ruins at the rear of our position, it had already destroyed the Forged Steel that had been forced out of position by the enemy HQ’s resilience. Our wraiths finally fell and the enemy assault marines, still about half strength assaulted and destroyed the Awakened Fury and took the western objective. Khabakai’s unit nearly wiped out the unit and the sole survivor broke and ran. The two sanguinary guard units assaulted Carridan’s unit and the praetorians and both eventually fell, including Carridan himself who was badly wounded and phased out leading to our withdrawal.

The enemy had seized at least one objective losing four units including their warlord in the process out of ten committed. Enemy losses were estimated at 55%, we had only 30% of the deathmarks left and Khabakai’s until which was undamaged. Our losses were nearly 80% with eight units totally destroyed.

Our immortals had lasted longer than usual against assault and the wraiths had held up the enemy, but with all mindshackle scarabs failing even our HQ had failed to hold, with Carridan reanimating once before finally withdrawing. Enemy armour countermeasures are assigned top priority plus additional melee support required for future engagements.

Orphean Campaign Points Awarded:

Imperials 3

Current score after 2 engagements:

Necrons 1

Imperials 4

Others 0


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Orpheus: Avenging Angels
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