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 Orpheus: Opening Shots

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PostSubject: Orpheus: Opening Shots   Mon 26 Aug - 9:56:30

Orphean Ambush

The Orphean campaign was not going well for the human empire, a blood angel relief column was moving to assist a guard regiment being decimated by Necron bombing in sector 29G on Amarah. Necron forces assigned to intercept carried out a two pronged attack as the column moved along the remains of Highway 9770.

Overlord Carridan took personal command leading from the bridge of his Command Barge, the NNV Chariot of Fire. He led the northern attack with the Annihilation barge NNV Awakened Fury to the east the final line of defence against the enemy advance, a squad of immortals in the centre and a unit of deathmarks to the west, his right.

On the southern side of the highway from the west; four wraiths, a unit of Triarch praetorians; five crypteks; the annihilation Barge NNV Never Daunted; Overlord Nhimelekh with four crypteks; the Annihilation Barge NNV Crushing Victory and a second squad of gauss blaster equipped immortals. Total force strength was 2000. Flyer support was unavailable in this sector owing to harsh atmospheric conditions, themselves caused by an intense planetary bombardment earlier.

The enemy had a landraider containing their warlord and a squad of terminators with a squad of assault marines in the vanguard and two more flanking the raider’s quarters. A detachment of sanguinary guard led on the south flank. A number of priests strengthened the marine detachments.

Unbelievably marine sensors or possibly psychic powers enabled the human force to detect the attackers just before they emerged from their underground concealment and they reacted first, charging the immortals on both flanks and opening fire, inflicting losses on the southern immortals and deathmarks and eliminating a cryptek though two others reanimated. Remarkably the northern immortals took no casualties.

Returning fire, the southern immortals and two barges inflicted losses on the forward marines who were charging our infantry. The sanguinary guard were almost wiped out by the fire from the third barge and Overlord Nhimelek’s squad. The other cryptek’s fired their voltaic staves at the landraider, wrecking it, but it had already disgorged its terminators. Our wraiths and praetorians closed to assault them.

The Chariot of Fire swept over the enemy marines, Carridan narrowly failing to kill the enemy priest. The deathmarks marked and did damage to the same unit and the immortals inflicted heavy losses on the other marines that were advancing across the rocky high ground on the north side of the highway. The praetorians meanwhile suffered heavy losses in their assault and broke off their attack, leaving the wraiths to melee for some time with the enemy HQ.

The enemy forward unit now assaulted our eastern immortals and a drop pod arrived to the North west, dropping a walker which inflicted heavy losses on the deathmarks. The wraiths were being worn down by the enemy heavy weapons but would claim three of the five terminators before they fell. The Chariot of fire was destroyed by enemy melta guns but Carridan escaped the explosion uninjured. The last sanguinary guard was cut down by Overlord Nhimelek’s overwatch fire.

The praetorians rallied and the enemy marines to the north took further casualties from the crypteks immortals and deathmarks. Nhimelek moved to assist the eastern immortals in assault leaving his three cryptek’s alone. The few survivors of the northern marines assaulted our immortals on that flank but they were now very few. The deathmarks were nearly wiped out by the advancing dreadnaught’s flamer whilst our immortals to the east along with Nhimelek were destroyed by the enemy assault squad.

This left the forward enemy squad open to the fire from both crypteks and all three barges, but the marines’ meltas destroyed the Crushing Victory first. The combined efforts of all four of our southern units including the rallied praetorians, plus the Awakened Fury firing at long range from the northern side of the highway, left only three marines standing. The northern assault marines fared even worse, one squad destroyed and the other down to one survivor.

Meanwhile Carridan had been challenged by the enemy warlord after the wraiths were finally disposed of, and fought him to a standstill, his scarabs failing twice. Neither party was injured in this combat. The deathmarks ended the action at 20% strength, still hotly pursued by the walker. They failed to damage the drop pod with their last attack.

As the action broke off, the score was five all, the enemy had lost one marine squad, the raider, guard and their priests plus we had scored first blood. We had lost the wraiths, eastern immortals, Nhimelek, the Crushing Victory and Chariot of Fire. The enemy rallied strength was estimated at 561, a loss rate of just over 70% with the dreadnaught, drop pod, warlord, 40% of the terminators and about 10% of their marines surviving the ambush.

Our survivors were Carridan, the Awakened Fury and Never Daunted, two thirds of the praetorians, about 80% of the crypteks, 20% of the deathmarks and 35% of the immortals. Surviving strength was 972 giving a loss rate of 51%.

Orphean Campaign Points Awarded: 0

Current score after 1 engagement: 0 0


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Orpheus: Opening Shots
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