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 Blood Angel Treachery

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PostSubject: Blood Angel Treachery   Mon 3 Jun - 13:07:09

Blood Angel Treachery

The much vaunted human commander Dante lead a force of his marines against positions held by Overlord Managiís 18th Support group. Incredibly, they appeared to be acting in concert with Tyranids.

The Annihilation barges NNV Restitution, Obedience and Dedication formed the core of the defence situated just below Viglan Ridge. On the left a lord with four crypteks armed with eldritch lances, in between the heavy units and close to or holding three objectives, three squads of warriors.

The marines faced in two squads on the left although they cunningly appeared to be three. The Tyranid horde on the right was two monstrous creatures spawning termagants with a flying creature surrounded by a horde of other creatures in the centre. There were two large warriors as well.

The enemy advanced skulking in the cover for as long as they could, our barges opened fire cutting down large numbers of the termagants. Our crypteks also opened fire but although they had clear site of the marines they inexplicably avoided three killing shots. Our reserves were slow to respond but the Night scythe the NNV General Advance did now appear on the right flank and deposited seven pariahs against the enemy right.

One termagant unit was wiped out by our concentrated fire but many more were still being spawned. The enemy reserves were having more success, Dante arrived with his guard close to our left and gene stealers arrived in the centre. A drop pod containing a walker, the first enemy reserve to arrive, fell well short of our lines, disgorging its heavily armoured cargo.

A second unit of termagants was destroyed but our warriors were beginning to suffer too. The gene stealers destroyed the central unit easily, the left hand warriors also fell to assault by the cheating marines, only on the right did the warriors put up resistance holding up the termagants and eventually destroying them.

The pariahs were assaulted by two squads of termagants and also put up stiff resistance. Whilst the right was holding, the guard wiped out the lord and his crypteks and further enemy reserves landed in the centre joining the assault on our last warriors before moving on to the pariahs once they were destroyed. The gene stealers were heavily depleted by the Obedience but then destroyed whilst centre left the Restitution fell to the meltas of the walker that had arrived at last.

Talking of arrived at lastÖ the Night shroud NNV Thunder Hammer arrived to bomb the Sanguinary guard and its bomb destroyed Dante and 70% of his squad. The Night Scythes NNV Accurate and NNV Surgical Strike also arrived, on the left the Accurate beamed down deathmarks which opened fire on the left hand cheating blood angels inflicting casualties. Unfortunately arcing tesla fire damaged the Surgical strike after it had dropped Overlord Managi and his royal court.

The General Advance also inflicted losses and damage on the Tyranid right as it swung round behind the enemy. The HQ destroyed the enemy walker but an enemy flier also appeared damaging the Thunder Hammer and the Surgical Strike was shot down. The deathmarks were assaulted and suffered heavy losses but held, their cryptekís lightning field inflicting casualties.

Managi was then assaulted by the enemy troops and challenged by a monstrous mother creature which destroyed him however his troops fared less well the three lords mindshackle scarabs proving particularly effective.

The action broke off early, we had lost all twenty one warriors, six deathmarks, one Night Scythe, one lord, three crypteks, Overlord Managi all three barges plus three Pariahs, eight units of the fifteen deployed. Rallied forces were 1345 strong out of a total strength of 2500.

The enemy had linebreaker and had slain Managi, plus held two of five objectives. We had slain Dante and taken first blood. The enemy had lost an estimated four units of Tyranids with another three seriously depleted and one marine unit with the sanguinary guard down to a single survivor. Estimated enemy losses: 40%.

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Blood Angel Treachery
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