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 Bungling Tau

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PostSubject: Bungling Tau   Tue 21 May - 17:32:48

Bungling Tau

Cryptek Policanlis had the unenviable duty of subjugating himself and his battalion in the Decanais sector to Tau control as a daemonic incursion was detected. It seemed that the sector overlord wished to assess Tau suitability for possible long term alliance.

Five praetorians with rods of covenant were supported by seven pariahs, eight immortals, eight deathmarks in reserve and five wraiths with whip coils. The Triarch Praetorians and wraiths held the left flank of our position and the Pariahs occupied ruins on the right. The immortals were also on the right but close to the centre where layers of fire warriors were supported by three tanks. Our force strength was 1000 with Tau elements of the same strength deployed in concert.

We seized the initiative and opened fire on advancing daemon hordes. These included squads of troops on our right and monstrous creatures in the centre. On the enemy right which was only just past our centre a swarm of noxious spawn creatures advanced.

A flying monstrous creature took off to attack our pariahs and wiped them out easily, more enemy squads appeared on our far right in difficult terrain, in the centre and daemonettes on our left. Wolf like cavalry was attacking our centre. The praetorians attacked the swarm of goo monsters and the wraiths engaged the cavalry protecting the Tau gun line, meanwhile our deathmarks deep struck the enemy rear and wiped out the enemy reserve squad holding its objective.

The Tau heavy guns seemed to be doing little with their missiles and now our cryptek and his unit were destroyed by the enemy flying daemon and monstrous machine despite our voltaic efforts. The enemy walker meanwhile doubled back on our deathmarks and destroyed them with no difficulty. A leading enemy unit that had deep struck in the centre was nearly destroyed but the chaos force clearly had the upper hand.

The praetorians were attacked by the daemonettes and the combined efforts of the two enemy units eventually destroyed our elites. The wraiths held up the enemy manfully destroying most of the cavalry, but fell as the daemons were able to bring freed up units from other parts of the field. The Tau warrior reserve broke and so we lost our objective and the Tau tank fire remained ineffective as the Daemonic powers, still probably over 50% intact swept to victory.

Our forces wiped out, The Tau a few damaged units left but effectively routed. The daemons had around nine units left, several largely undamaged. The Tau will not be handed any further command of Necron forces in the sector for the foreseeable future.

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Bungling Tau
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