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 Apocalypse on The Rocks

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PostSubject: Apocalypse on The Rocks   Tue 2 Apr - 17:00:21

Apocalypse On The Rocks

Zaborasta is the single remaining satellite of Sigmar Daxericus the white dwarf star at the centre of the Daxerian Nebula sector. Fifty million years ago the nebula was formed by the violent nova of Daxericor that destroyed the remainder of the system leaving only the single planet.

Necron records indicate that Zaborasta is almost certainly the planet known by them as Arcorbis Ten, home to the workshops of the legendary cryptek lord Nebelecator. It cannot be confirmed because of the radical changes to the system caused by the nova which makes certain identification impossible.

Zaborasta has been left orbiting at such a distance from the feeble output of the white dwarf that it has become a frozen deathworld unlike any planet that existed here before. The awakening of the tomb word Epselsi has returned Overlord Tchi Ken Ri, Nebelecator’s patron, and he has ordered a powerful fleet to Zaborasta with orders to search for any trace of survivors or artefacts.

Overlord Imotekh and Orikan the Diviner are leading the force and on arrival found chaos marines already dug in with plague zombie and normal marines, a super heavy tank, laser cannons and forge fiends, plus daemonic support. Deploying a null field generator in the centre to protect against psychic powers the Necron force deployed but failed to seize the initiative.

A unit by unit account follows:

Triarch Stalker
Deployed towards he right flank, exchanged fire with heavy marine support unit containing missile launchers for most of the battle before finally being destroyed.

The NNV Imperator catastrophically failed a deep strike attempt on the right and played no part in the battle. The NNV Rapacious initially failed its deep strike too in the centre of the enemy position but succeeded at the second attempt and inflicted losses on enemy marines with its particle whip and eternity gate. Survived assault by enemy warlord with melta bombs and was one of the few units to survive the engagement.

Tomb Stalker
Advancing in the centre supported the lychguard in assaulting plague marines in the centre and assisting in the destruction of that unit. Then engaged by more enemy troops, though wounded, survived the engagement.

Doom Scythe x2
NNV Hammer of Glory Engaged the enemy left inflicting losses and damage on two enemy units with its death ray and destructor, enemy transport was destroyed. Shot down by heavy enemy flier.
NNV Galactic Conquest shot down by enemy interceptor fire as it arrived.

Doomsday Ark
NNV Unmatched Power held the left flank but destroyed early by enemy fire.
Overlord Calliacan
Led the lychguard unit in assault, eventually destroyed by concerted fire from several enemy units after aiding destruction of the plague marines including contribution from his mindshackle scarabs.

Lychguard x8
Destroyed the large unit of plague marines/ zombies on the enemy left but wiped out afterwards though their shields did a lot of damage reflecting fire in the process.

Cryptek Harbinger of Eternity
Accompanied the lychguard and fell with them.

Crypteks with Eldritch lances x6
Accompanied Orikan and Imotekh and inflicted losses on multiple enemy units only one of those accompanying Imotekh survived.

Crypteks Harbingers of the storm x2
Did very little. The one with Imotekh was one of the six survivors of the third largest army we’ve ever deployed.

Heavy Destroyers x6
Three destroyed on the right immediately as they were targeted, the other three did some damage but were concentrated on after that.

Wraiths x6
Engaged left hand unit of plague zombies, three with whip coils and three with particle casters. In a lengthy engagement destroyed much of the unit before falling as an enemy chaos spawn assisted.

Aconthrites x6
Arrived from reserve on the left and attacked a plague daemon deep striking against our rear. Destroyed in the ensuing assault doing nothing of note.

Triarch Praetorians x9
Attacking on the left wheeled back to deal with the plague demon and were eventually destroyed.

Triarch Praetorians x5
Unlike the larger unit of praetorians which had particle casters and void blades, these had rods of covenant. When the plague daemon appeared this was the closest unt and led the assault. It was the first destroyed as a result, wiped out before striking a blow win traditional Necron style.

Imotekh the Stormlord
Benefited from the null field early when the Plague daemon’s attempt to possess him was foiled, the generator was knocked out mid battle. Inflicted losses on the enemy throughout maintaining night fighting for the whole engagement. Failed with his staff attacking marines on the left late on, was killed at one point but regenerated though his phylactery also failed miserably.

Accompanied Imotekh and like him slain at one point. Nevertheless amongst the four survivors of this unit

Cryptek Harbinger of Destruction
Assisted maintenance of night fighting for the whole battle. One of the four survivors of Imotekh’s HQ unit.

Starting on the right advanced against the enemy destroying a transport but destroyed by heavy fire from enemy marines.

Orikan the Diviner
Held the right with his crypteks and Lord but fell to enemy fire doing little. Was empowered for one turn.

Did nothing, fell with the rest of the unit.

In frozen conditions the enemy advanced across a broad front and then deep struck a plague demon behind out left drawing in three units to destruction. The failure of our first moonlit deep strike was another key moment. The lychguard performed well but were an easy target when the combat ended our heavy guns were knocked out early in general and the Doom Scythes were shot down early.

We did shoot down two enemy helldrakes which did little and whilst we had heavy guns took out a heavy unit on the right. The enemy super heavy tank brought a lot of fire against us and was not even targeted in return. Enemy demonic reserves swarmed on late but with only six units lost and probably two more damaged to any degree they were hardly required.

At close the enemy held four objectives to our none and had destroyed 16 of our units. Our rallied strength was around 820, losses in excess of 80%, but Imotekh and the Tomb Stalker were both injured. Without the additional scarabs assisting regeneration Imotekh’s unit would also have been eliminated. The deathworld effects meanwhile did very little during the battle.


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Apocalypse on The Rocks
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