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 Death From The Skies

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PostSubject: Death From The Skies   Mon 25 Mar - 17:39:50

Death From The Skies

Trazyn the Infinite led a force onto Sargassia Three to locate and recover Eldar artefacts rumoured lost there when an Imperial transport conveying them to Mars crashed. He took two squads of eight warriors, fifteen immortals, ten aboard the Night Scythe NNV Challenger. He also had two Canoptek Spyders, five wraiths, two with particle casters and three with whip coils, and the Annihilation Barge NNV Blaze of Conquest.

Finally he had the Doom Scythe NNV Fearsome and a scarab swarm supporting the spyders. A cryptek meanwhile led the immortals aboard the Challenger. The spyders and their scarabs took the right, the wraiths the left with troops holding the objectives in our deployment zone. The Blaze of Conquest took the centre.

Chaos forces included a large number of well entrenched cultists and a heavy laser cannon in their centre with two squads of marines on their right plus three beasts and a huge horrible something on their left.

The enemy opened fire with a disturbingly large number of long range weapons, two missiles took out two wraiths immediately and the Blaze of Conquest exploded. Our tomb spyder group also took wounds and the enemy began to advance against our left.

Our return fire was limited especially with the Blaze of Conquest in a million pieces and our wraiths found themselves quickly assaulted. On the right we lost a spyder and the scarabs fell to flamers from raptors which arrived on both our flanks. Two enemy helldrakes arrived next and we lost our forward gauss armed immortals in their ruined cover forward on our right flank.

The wraiths were locked in combat with the enemy beasts and gradually were worn down. Finally two wounded beasts emerged triumphant. Meanwhile the enemy helldrakes were blasting away at our forces even vector striking our flyers as they arrived. The Challenger damaged the forward enemy marine unit but was destroyed without disembarking its immortals.*

*Known as the Challenger disaster

The Fearsome destroyed the enemy monstrosity on their left and the whole squad of raptors, and then engaged the enemy HQ supporting the last spyder but it too was destroyed having lost its death ray early. The spyder also fell. Our immortals arriving from reserve wiped out the raptors threatening our warriors, but now the left hand warrior squad was gone too as beasts and marines closed in.

The helldrakes hit the immortals hard which shamefully broke and ran. Trazyn and his unit were left fighting the last two beasts, the marines failing to get into assault. The overlord did good work, destroying them both and holding one objective at the end, as did the enemy. However, our losses were over 85% with just Trazyn and two warriors surviving, whilst the enemy with six units gone plus some minor losses besides still probably had well over 50% of their strength intact, including the decisive helldrakes.

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Death From The Skies
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