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 Three Way Tussle

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PostSubject: Three Way Tussle   Mon 18 Mar - 17:33:37

Three Way Tussle

Three small detachments met on Myricus Minor each seeking data from a crashed Eldar vessel that had crashed earlier on the planetoid. An imperial guard detachment including snipers and two mortar crews met a Tau Battlegroup that fielded three battlesuits and a large complement of fire warriors.

Our available forces were two tomb blades and a squad of deathmarks, the tomb blades had shadow looms and shield vanes and one had enhanced targeting systems. They were equipped with particle beamers.

The imperial guard found themselves in the unfortunate position of arriving from a vector that left them fighting on two fronts and we opened fire on them finding them soft targets. The Tau also engaged the human force inflicting heavy losses with their massed fire.

We lost a tomb blade early and a deathmark but the guard broke quickly in the face of the dual attack. The Tau were already turning fire on us before the guard fled and advanced their three battle suits which mopped up our meagre forces suffering just one wound in reply. A decisive win for the Tau who outgunned the guard and outnumbered us.

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Three Way Tussle
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