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 A Magic User's Tale 6

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PostSubject: A Magic User's Tale 6   Thu 21 Jun - 13:32:20

A Magic User’s Tale – Yet another part

We returned, laden with money and bringing news of our adventures to the Valley Mage. She quizzed us at length about the encounter with Devro and Sevrek, and agreed that it was possible that Sevrek was Allerzoi – his use of the word thrall was typical Allerzoi for example. Zionestes carried out further training whilst we debated which route to try next. The Krim teleport had seven slots- seven destinations? Calenderiel summoned a crow familiar that he originally decided to name Birdie. I considered it too, but decided against it. My headaches continued, but seemed a little better.

We went to the next destination three weeks later. This time, we found ourselves in a ruined village – but it looked like this was a recent development. An aged cleric emerged from the shattered temple and feebly tried to repel us. Thorri and Aaveneir seemed disposed to take extreme measures as the old man pathetically waved his staff at us, but cooler heads prevailed. It seemed that a man leading kobolds had been responsible for the destruction and massacre of the inhabitants. The old man was clearly mad with grief and Gordon’s attempt at shock therapy offering him a warriors death failed when his bluff was called, and before any of us could stop him, he threw himself down a well.

Draegon scouted and found tracks whilst Birdie spotted a couple of largish buildings. The southern one tied up with the kobold trail and we took that road with revenge on our minds. After a short journey, we reached the edge of the forest where it gave way to swamp. On the border, a castle complete with curtain wall and keep. Signs of kobold habitation were in evidence. We approached the gatehouse somewhat recklessly, then our gnome friend redefined reckless, calling out in kobold to the castle. We were met by a flurry of arrows and hastily we beat a retreat, except the heavily armoured dwarf who drew their fire allowing Calenderiel to thrill us with his trick shooting. As the fire slackened, Dagnar scaled the wall and opened the gate and we entered the compound.

From there we crossed the main courtyard making for double doors. We could hear the sound of revelry from the other side, perhaps they were over confident, ill prepared or both. We opened the doors and were almost buried in the resultant stampede of pigs enjoying a rare snatch of daylight. Chastened, we moved to the next opening and found another door down a narrow passage. As usual Aaveneir was in the lead, and as usual he caught the full force of the attack that followed: Giant weasels leapt out at him and in a tough struggle several party members were injured. This turned out to be another dead end, and we moved on to steps that took us down under a chapel like building, leading us to emerge on the other side in the inner bailey area. Before us; the keep.
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A Magic User's Tale 6
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