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 Obliteration As Usual

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PostSubject: Obliteration As Usual   Mon 11 Feb - 17:06:05

Obliteration As Usual

Illuminor Szeras led a battle group on Terakis VI and saw it horribly destroyed by enemy marines. He was accompanied by a full court of Crypteks with Eldritch lances, the Doomsday Ark NNV Steadfast, a Canoptic Spyder with particle beamer, a Triarch Stalker, sixteen warriors, the larger squad of ten with enhanced optics, four wraiths with whip coils and two squads of Triarch praetorians; one with rods of covenant and one with void blades and particle casters.

Szeras set up on the left in difficult terrain with the wraiths. In the Centre, the Steadfast with the stalker and Spyder to the right. The warriors occupied the ruins on the right and the smaller squad the objective behind it. The praetorians with void blades were on the right, the others located more centrally.

The enemy objective was also deep on the right. The enemy wolves brought up an infiltrating land raider on the right containing their warlord and a squad of terminators. Their wolflord was at the rear with two units of artillery troops holding the objective. In the centre a troop carrier bearing more marines and facing our left assault marines in terrain.

We opened fire as the enemy advanced the crypteks and Steadfast doing serious damage to the unit on our left which took cover after taking heavy loss. The land raider advanced but failed to disembark its passengers, and after taking several glancing hits was wrecked by the void blade praetorians in assault.

Our wraiths and the other praetorians headed across the field but the wraiths took heavy losses as enemy troops dismounted in the centre and were destroyed before they could assault. The praetorians attacked unsupported and inflicted heavy loss before being destroyed but the void blade armed troop did even worse, failing their assault and were caught in the open by the two enemy HQ units and wiped out.

The Steadfast inflicted losses on the enemy troops in their ruins but the enemy HQs closed in and absorbing heavy fire from multiple units destroyed the Spyder and the smaller unit of warriors that had come forward to rapid fire. The crypteks were now taking losses from the two depleted enemy troop units that advanced and were assaulted by the wolf lord.

The walker was destroyed by melta fire even though the enemy troop unit was eventually reduced to just one marine. The enemy HQ crashed into the ruins, devastating the warrior unit there and wiping it out as the crypteks finally fell after a prolonged agony caused by the ever living nature of the last survivor. Both enemy HQ units ended up at the objective, the Steadfast destroyed the left hand assault marines and depleted the enemy HQs further before being finally destroyed.

Complete destruction for our formation, both enemy HQs were significantly reduced in strength and the surviving transport was damaged. All three other units had suffered losses, probably as much as 70% in total plus the two units lost. All in all the enemy strength was probably reduced by about two thirds.


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Obliteration As Usual
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