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 Double Trouble

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PostSubject: Double Trouble   Mon 28 Jan - 13:19:27

Double Trouble

Overlord Razala led a force 500 strong against Imperial forces on New Sanga. Five aconthrites and ten warriors made up his force. Against him, imperial wolves and Angels, assisting against the upstarts, chaos marines who positioned themselves both left and right of his position. The chaos forces were celebrating the birth date of a daemon prince and determined to inflict a bloody defeat on someone.

The enemy arrayed with the blood Angels on our left and we advanced against these leaving the forces of chaos to tackle the wolves. Our aconthrites were able to knock out the Angels’ light tank with some difficulty, assaulting after short range melta fire failed to do the job. The aconthrites were then assaulted by the marines.

Razala and the left hand marine unit moved in to support the aconthrites and the chaos lord challenged the imperial leader over Razala’s objections. He was quickly defeated and the marines also overcame the warriors and chaos marine troops who broke and fled, leaving just one remaining aconthrite engaged.

On the right meanwhile the space wolves were making short work on the other chaos marines, wiping them out. Razala and the remnants of our left re assaulted, but the attack was destroyed. All not quite lost though, Razala regenerated and challenged the enemy leader succeeding with mindshackle scarabs and finally imprisoning the enemy lord in his Tesseract labyrinth.

Noticing however that he was now entirely alone, Razala phased out having lost 73% of his command and 100% of his allies. The Imperium had suffered only lightly.


Lord Minkhad, also supported by chaos forces encountered and attacked another joint wolf/ Blood Angel unit. Minkhad brought six wraiths, half with whip coils, half with particle casters which took the centre with chaos to the left. On the right, three scarab units with chaos bikers and the overlord himself with a cryptek and warriors. The chaos forces with two units of cultists kept another in reserve.

The space wolves were on our right and Angels the centre and left. Both sides advanced and our wraiths drove through the centre assaulting blood angels and almost destroying the entire unit. On the right the chaos bikers were poor whilst enemy bikers attacking on our left did well against the chaos cultists.

Our scarabs were destroyed before they could engage and our warrior gauss fire could only glance the space wolf transport. The main blood angels unit advanced ominously in the centre whilst wolf riders assaulted our wraiths in the centre.

The melee in the centre lasted for some time, one angel and several wolf riders the only survivors; they then attacked the chaos marines who had seized the central objective. The Angels took the left hand objective unopposed, Minkhad held the right. The chaos bikers were destroyed by the wolves who re embarked their transport and moved across high ground towards the centre. Our remaining unit wrecked the vehicle with their gauss and voltaic fire forcing them to disembark.

The blood angels in the centre broke the central chaos unit and their bikes broke the cultists including the reserves. The whole enemy force now swept towards Minkhad and his unit, the lord falling before the assault crashed in.

The cryptek’s lightning field triggered but with disappointing results, however the warriors showed dogged resistance before finally falling to the wolf riders and wolves. A lone chaos marine survived in the centre against the bikers who took heavy losses too but all three objectives were held in the name of the human corpse emperor.

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Double Trouble
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