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 Orcish Onslaught

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PostSubject: Orcish Onslaught   Mon 14 Jan - 17:30:30

Orcish Onslaught

Overlord Imril met an orcish attack on Gamleo Sigma, taking a defensive position as four huge squads of orc boys supported by two heavy guns and a bombardment support squad tried to sweep away the Necron presence on the planet. He took four full strength squads of immortals, ten praetorians with particle caster/ void blade armament and the Annihilation Barge NNV Steel Pulse.

A cryptek and Lord supported him, each leading an immortal squad, two of which had tesla weaponry and two with gauss blasters. A small squad of warriors were also present. This deployed on the right protecting one objective whilst the immortals formed up with two squads in defensive positions in the centre, a third with Imril holding the second central objective and the last in ruins on the left with the last objective.

The praetorians formed up behind the same ruin in cover. The orcs opened fire with their long range weaponry inflicting early heavier than expected losses across several units. Our gun lines then replied taking a heavy toll of the most exposed unit on our left flank which was open to fire from two immortal squads and the Steel Pulse. The praetorians then advanced and destroyed an orcish vehicle leading their right flank, wrecking it.

The orcs continued their charge into the teeth of our guns and their right was heavily reduced and assaulted by the praetorians. In the centre the immortals took heavy losses as the orcs arrived despite lightning field defence. They were soon destroyed and the warriors and remaining two central squads engaged and fell back as the enemy came on.

The orcs arrived at last after taking heavy losses assaulting more of our squads. In the centre the orcs broke as several squads defended and on the left the orcs also broke and fled the praetorians. Both groups quickly rallied to try again, only to be destroyed easily after regrouping. The other squad however reached the ruins and destroyed its defenders, support from the praetorians and a few survivors of the other gauss squad arriving only in time to avenge them.

The praetorians then moved left to assault and destroy an orc heavy unit but the last two gauss immortals were destroyed by the continuing long range bombardment. The HQ unit suddenly unexpectedly teleported in from extreme range, arriving amongst our warriors. They fought long and hard for some time before our warriors emerged victorious.

The last orc squad arriving engaged Imril and his unit, Imril killed the enemy commander in a challenge but the numbers eventually told and the unit was wiped out. The Steel Pulse, holding the left hand objective continued to take a toll and the praetorians were preparing to engage the orcs who had taken Imrilís objective when the action broke off. The warrior survivors failed to contest the central objective and no one held the other so it was a tactical draw.

Orc losses were six units, over 80% of those deployed, their rear heavy support unit undamaged and their one remaining troop unit at about 60%. Our warriors and praetorians were at 40%, plus the Steel Pulse. Rallied strength therefore was only 276, about 80% casualties including five of eight units deployed. A real meat grinder action.

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Orcish Onslaught
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