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 Cheating Necrons

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PostSubject: Cheating Necrons   Mon 7 Jan - 13:00:05

Cheating Necrons

Lord Khrifin led a force in the Zakellus Nova system against enemy marine forces which appeared to be a mixture of Imperial and chaos forces, there is serious concern that these two enemies working together could present the most serious threat yet to the great awakening.

Khrifin was supported by three heavy destroyers, four wraiths, a Triarch stalker, a squad of deathmarks and warriors plus a large number of tyrannids under mind shackle control overseen by a cryptek. The Doom Scythe NNV Vindicator was also available. His force strength was 1170, but the enslaved aliens doubled this tally.

Clashing in a heavily built up area Khrifin was with his warriors on the left with deathmarks behind. The stalker and destroyers were forward on his right looking to get a clear line of fire, the wraiths forward on his left.

Tyrannids were deployed all around including swarms of termagants and several large mother creatures. Chaos approached from the left and Imperial troops identified as members of the blood angel sect were more distant on the right.

Our destroyers and the stalker occupied the central open ground as our left flank advanced rapidly led by the wraiths. A devastating long range barrage hit the left hand chaos unit cutting down several and the unit broke immediately.

The Imperium forces were trying to flank our right and we pivoted our warrior gun line to meet them as the tyrannids advanced generally. Two heavy imperial marine units were approaching our centre supported by a flyer, one arriving by drop pod.

The Chaos forces assaulted the tyrannids lead elements on the left doing severe damage but then the wraiths arrived, to late to save the unit but with their whip coils they destroyed half of the enemy with their first assault.

The enemy marines took heavy fire from the arriving Vindicator, our warriors, destroyers and the stalker, plus Tyrannid barrage and the lead unit was destroyed leaving just the HQ. The retaliation destroyed our stalker which exploded and first the three destroyers. Tyrannids were in assault on the right with the imperials ad the warriors were heavily attacked losing half their strength.

The lord accepted challenge and the enemy warlord was forced by mindshackle scarabs to attack himself, however the power of the enemy assault was augmented by sorcerous power which affected our warriors skills and their morale broke and they were routed.

The wraiths finished of their opponents taking only one wound in the process and Khrifin reanimated but the engagement broke off. We had lost three units, the tyrannids two; the chaos forces had lost two units and the imperials one with some further units on both sides damaged or depleted. Rallied strength was 530, losses of about 55%.


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Cheating Necrons
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