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 Cataclysmic Conflict

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PostSubject: Cataclysmic Conflict   Wed 21 Nov - 13:59:12

Cataclysmic Conflict

An impressive battle group assembled on Avanon 12 C to confront an attacking chaos force that had opened a warp gate on the planetoid. Imotekh, Anrakyr, Orikan, Szeras and Nemesor Zahndrekh each led immortal squads plus overlords Hyryken, Trezex and Daffinare. All these favoured Void blade weapons. Crypteks accompanied Hyrken and Trezex, one with a voltaic staff the other with an aeonstaff.

The Ghost ark NNV Liberator bore a warrior squad north of the warpgate along with Hyryken and his squad in ruins, where also lurked a Canoptek spyder and scarab unit. Orikan and his squad held the nearby objective and the monolith NNV Firestorm was in close support facing the gate. In ruins to the west Trezex with his cryptek and immortals held another objective.

On the southern side, Imotekh held the west just behind a blockhouse held by Daffinare. In the centre the Doomsday ark NNV Crown of Power held the high ground with a Triarch stalker and spyder ahead of it position. Forward on the western side, Anrakyr’s squad held an objective nearer the warp gate with the Monolith NNV Eradicator behind.

In ruins on the eastern side, six aconthrites lurked, behind them in another blockhouse, ten deathmarks. Atop the blockhouse, three wraiths, their whip coils twitching gently. Close to the blockhouse on its western side Szeras and his unit held the final objective and on the other side Zahndrekh and the smallest team of warriors were in cover. Twenty six units in all deployed including all available troops.

In reserve: Two squads of lychguard, one with Hyperphase swords and dispersion shields, the other with war scythes, one of praetorians armed with particle casters and void blades, one of aconthrites, and six of heavy destroyers, three in pairs and three singles. A tomb stalker would provide additional heavy support; two C’Tan shards were also available. Ready to outflank: a number of flayed ones. A larger unit of scarabs was also ready to arrive conventionally.

Three doom scythes were ready to fly in to attack: The NNV Victory, Spirit of Destiny and Screaming Terror. A further squad of immortals was in deep reserve only available if a unit was lost (pretty much a racing certainty). Commanding reserve forces aboard the command barge NNV Rapid Revenge, overlord Gharrost armed with a war scythe. Far fewer numerically than the units already deployed but reserve strength was just under 40% of our total resources.

Total force strength estimated at 8143, but chaos forces were estimated to be at least equal in number. Our two strongpoints had extra ammunition facilities and power reserves and Szeras had enhanced the strength of his immortals. Anrykyr’s squad of immortals also had enhancements and we had special countermeasures in place to secure our rear and tackle deep striking enemies. Three of the immortal squads, the largest three, had tesla weapons including two of the three to the north, the rest Gauss blasters. The Rapid Revenge had loaded for bear with Gauss cannon.

In all this was one of the most formidable forces we have assembled, only two independent characters missing, no Night Scythes, Annihilation Barges, Destroyers, Lords, Destroyer Lords or Tomb Blades, but every other Necron unit type represented. As the enemy began their attack, Imotekh’s squad was redeployed by enemy skulduggery swapping with the deathmarks in the blockhouse.

The course of the battle follows on a squad by squad basis, however a general overview first: The battlefield was dominated by a warp gate through which it was presumed much of the enemy force would arrive. The southern edge of the battlefield was impassable to the enemy where a series of defence pylons secured the perimeter. Unfortunately with no time for further defence construction, three sides were still open to attack.

When the enemy initially arrived, they emerged principally in the west and north, and none at all from the deadly warpgate. Indeed, only two or three units used the gate to arrive during the battle.

The enemy quickly attacked and engaged our weaker units north of the warpgate destroying them completely before the end of the struggle despite heroic resistance especially from the immortal squad holding the North West objective and the Canoptek spider in the northern most ruin.

In the southern half of the field our forces would quickly find themselves fighting desperate holding actions against an enemy that was steadily reinforced. The South west objective would fall, and although the south east was not taken by the enemy, neither did we hold it. Had we not phased out, our surviving units would have been overwhelmed.

Imotekh and immortals
Began deployed in the South West but as already mentioned mysterious probably psychic powers* caused them to be teleported to the blockhouse in the south east quadrant. The blockhouse was badly damaged midway through the engagement and evacuated. Engaging the thousand sons that attacked from the west, they suffered 90% casualties including several when the building partially collapsed under attack from a vindicator.

*Which we of course do not have, or anything resembling them

Imotekh did cause some minor casualties with his summoned storms early on, but these quickly dissipated. His staff of the destroyer did kill several sons.

Orikan and immortals
Holding the North west objective had early success breaking the assault of the large unit of cultists that attacked in the North. However, heavy enemy reinforcements including obliterators and a unit of possessed that arrived in a landraider appearing from the eastern flank. The four units supporting Orikan’s position were quickly destroyed by the superior enemy numbers. Orikan’s unit took heavy casualties and was then destroyed in assault.

Anrakyr and immortals
Anrakyr and his immortals held the south west objective. He took over the enemy landraider that arrived in the west and caused it to open fire on the unit of obliterators that appeared in the south centre of the battlefield. His unit was then wiped out by the possessed assaulting* from their landraider.

* Eventually

Zahndrekh and immortals
The Nemesor held the right in the south east with the smallest unit of immortals. The Chaos Heavy support team alpha emerged from the east and immediately assaulted. The engagement would last the entire battle, neither side gaining significant advantage, and both sides reinforcing the struggle without breaking the stalemate. We committed wraiths, more immortals and lychguard, the marines threw in a Hell Brute and plague bearers. Zahndrekh himself fell in the end, his immortals losses were over 35%.

Szeras and immortals
Szeras and his enhanced immortals held the south east objective and Szeras remained there for the whole action shooting various enemy targets with his eldritch staff. The unit was hit by heavy barrage of ordnance weapons and destroyed by the enemy decimator, only Szeras surviving after regenerating.

Overlord Trezex and immortals
Holding the North West Objective, Trezex was also accompanied by a cryptek with an aeonstaff. They fired some shots at attackers approaching from the north but a heavy assault from the west engaged them for some time, nor were they able to fire overwatch. The cryptek too fought in a challenge. Trezex destroyed an enemy champion with his Tesseract labyrinth and the unit resisted stoutly for most of the battle under attack by plague marines warp talons and plague marines. It was eventually destroyed however.

Overlord Hyrken and immortals
Holding the central northern building, this unit also had a cryptek, this one armed with a voltaic staff. They were devastated and destroyed in the opening minutes by overwhelming firepower and assault by warp talons though they did inflict casualties including from the cryptek’s lightning field.

Overlord Daffinare and Immortals
On the roof of the South western blockhouse, swept with flamers early on and then assaulted by Abbadon’s terminators with inevitable results. Daffinare did escape wounded however and re assaulted Abbadon and his unit in the closing stages with the tomb stalker, lychguard and four heavy destroyers. He withdrew from that combat too and was picked off by long range enemy fire from the helldrake. He failed with his tachyon arrow and Tesseract labyrinth.

Ghost Ark NNV Liberator and warriors
In the North west, attacked by enemy hellbrute and eventually exploded. Her passengers disembarked and were destroyed by surrounding enemy units including Warp talons, Hellbrute Arborus and a havoc squad who were flooding the area.

Overlord Gharrost aboard the Command Barge NNV Rapid Revenge
Deploying from reserve in the south east destroyed by missiles from the western landraider. The overlord did survive wounded but played little role in the action. He failed with his tachyon arrow.

Reserve Immortals
Only troop unit held in reserve, appeared late from the south and joined the assault in the south east after firing on Abbadon’s unit unsuccessfully initially. Took 50% casualties from long range enemy fire before joining the assault.

Monolith NNV Firestorm
Deployed to the North in support of Orikan and engaged multiple enemy units with all weapon systems including the exile ray. Exploded under heavy enemy fire.

Monolith NNV Eradicator
Deployed to support Anrakyr in the west. Attacked Abbadon’s unit and others though exile ray failed but was easily destroyed by the plague hulk having been damaged by enemy landraider.

Doomsday Ark NNV Crown Of Power
Deployed centrally in the south and engaged obliterators and terminators without success. Failed to destroy our blockhouse containing Abbadon’s unit after it fell. Resisted several hits before final inevitable destruction.

Tomb Stalker
Arrived late and assaulted Abbadon and his unit but quickly destroyed.

Doom Scythe NNV Victory
Attacking down the left inflicted some losses before being shot down by enemy coptor.

Doom Scythe NNV Spirit of Destiny
Entering centrally destroyed the Vindicator on the enemy right before being shot down.

Doom Scythe NNV Screaming Terror
Attacked down the right destroying enemy Hellbrute walker and inflicting losses on the cultists in the north. Suffered two hits and lost a weapon system but escaped.

Tomb Spyder
Deployed in cover in the north with a group of scarabs, however they were wiped out immediately. It battled on inflicting some casualties before destruction in a suicidal assault on chaos obliterators.

Tomb spyder
Deployed in the south and engaged the obliterators before moving to assist the Eradicator which was destroyed before it could be reached. Joined the assault on the possessed unit that was eventually destroyed with the aid of a C’Tan and heavy destroyers. The battle continued however as the enemy daemon prince, defiler and warpsmith arrived. Survived having taken one wound.

Minimum squad, deployed in the north with the tomb spyder, immediately destroyed in assault by cultists.

A larger squad, arrived as reserves in the south west and destroyed by berserkers as they attacked the plague hulk which they damaged only slightly.

Moved to support Zahndrekh’s troops in particular against the Hell Brute that arrived. Lasted well but not well enough as the plague marines reinforced enemy assault.

Occupied the ruins on the eastern flank, assaulted by numerous daemonettes and destroyed by them though they inflicted serious damage to the unit. Also took early hit from Helldrake vector striking and damage from Hell Brute.

A minimal sized unit, arrived by deep strike but out of range of their intended target, the vindicator. Attacked by fiends of slaanesh and though they inflicted some damage had suffered 90% casualties at battle end.

Heavy Destroyers
Three deployed singly by deep strike, six in pairs from reserve. Two of the singles were picked off easily, the last destroyed by the daemon prince as it joined the SW melee. The pairs deployed on the southern high ground, two fell in the combat with Abbadon’s terminators, two more fled that combat and the others fell against the possessed.

Deployed centrally engaged thousand sons and destroyed resulting in massive explosion.

Deployed centrally also by deep strike but dropped back to attack the possessed breaking through from the west. Inflicted losses contributing to their destruction with other units assisting. Immobilised the enemy defiler. Was wounded but still viable at battle end.

Intended to snipe from their blockhouse redeployed to the south west by enemy stratagems and wiped out in concentrated attack by enemy forces.

Flayed ones
Outflanking from the west attacked the warpsmith trying to repair enemy landraider. Held out bravely but overwhelmed by noise marines.

Lychguard with war scythes
Attacked Abbadon’s unit from reserve. Instantly wiped out.

Lychguard with dispersion shields
Also arrived from reserves and joined assault on the SE quadrant in support of Zahndrekh’s unit. Suffered 40% casualties.

Triarch Praetorians
Deep struck narrowly avoiding mishap arriving on the centre right. Assaulted thousand sons. Suffered 20% losses.

Triarch Stalker
Targeted early and first unit destroyed by obliterators using meltas at close range.

Surviving force strength was 1367, however 5 out of 6 survivors with multiple wounds or hull points had suffered damage. But for regeneration, it would have been worse yet; Szeras for example had regenerated twice. Only Imotekh himself was unscathed.

Units deployed: 52 Destroyed: 40 Damaged: 11
HQ: 9 5 3
Troops: 10 7 3
Heavy Support: 9 7 2
Elites 8 4 4
Fast Attack 11 10 1
Transports 2 2 0

Enemy losses were estimated at 30%, only five units lost and perhaps five more seriously damaged. Disaster!

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Cataclysmic Conflict
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