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 Crushing Victory

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PostSubject: Crushing Victory   Tue 20 Nov - 13:24:05

Crushing Victory

Lord Fherik of Evensham was forced into alliance with a detachment of space wolves as marauding Dark Eldar teamed up with a force of Tau warriors seeking to exploit the withdrawal of the 14th Heavy Support group from the Girordan system.

His force totalled 498 with eleven warriors under his personal command plus minimal teams of immortals and deathmarks, each led by a cryptek. We formed the left and the marines the right, out units opposed by the Tau who fielded four warrior squads, and a railgun, the imperial forces looking at three dark Eldar units including a heavy support skimmer a monstrous creature and squad of wyches.

The enemy opened fire and we lost a warrior deathmark and immortal to accurate long range fire from the Tau. Returning fire we picked off a few warriors and our whole combined force moved right against the dark eldar threat except the immortals who were left exposed to the massed fire of three Tau battle groups and took further losses.

Our immortals fell back under the heavy fire though continuing to pick of the odd warrior. Our warriors meanwhile opened heavy fire on the enemy vessel with no effect a all and it was left to the marine meltas to explode the target. Our deathmarks scored a hit on the enemy monster and the Dark Eldar troop took heavy losses form the wolves causing them to break and flee. Forward elements assaulted te monstrous creature and destroyed it at some cost.

With the Dark Eldar wiped out and the bulk of Tau forces preoccupied with trying to take out our immortals our warriors and deathmarks began to track back to the left to support our beleaguered troops. The marines pressed on to attack and assault the main Tau unit including their ethereal, their long range weapons also wiped out half of the left hand fire warriors.

Our three units with marine support now inflicted heavy casualties on the tau, one unit destroyed and two almost wiped out, one broken, the marines then finished off the Tau HQ and their forces broke, the railgun fleeing and the last two fire warrior remnants eradicated.

So total destruction of the enemy, remarkably neither the marines nor ourselves lost any units though the marines did lost most of three units amounting to well over 505 casualties. We lost all immortals but their cryptek leader regenerated successfully. Apart from that, just the one warrior and deathmark casualty inflicted in the early stages. Total survivor strength was 381, a casualty rate of less than 25%.


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Crushing Victory
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