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 Swarmed Again

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PostSubject: Swarmed Again   Mon 29 Oct - 17:13:24

Swarmed Again

Illuminor Szeras with a Lord and Cryptek led two squads of troops onto Preneshi Prime. With the Annihilation Barge NNV Sudden Impact in support, a CíTan shard and the Doom Scythe NNV Sky Terror, the force amounted to 1000. Tyrannid swarms opposing them had two vast mother type creatures spawning termagants, plus a hive tyrant and some heavy support creatures with ordnance weapons. Although they were similar in strength, spawned additional creatures would increase their strength far above ours during the battle.

With the CíTan on the left, the immortals on the right with Szeras and a lord and the Sudden Impact in the centre with the warriors we opened fire with the CíTan and the Barge inflicting significant losses on the termagants on the left. Szeras laid in with his staff inflicting a casualty on the right, but the two mother creatures spawned more than enough to replace their losses.

The enemy heavy support destroyed the Sudden Impact which exploded, whilst the Sky Terror was having problems reaching the scene. The CíTan was engulfed in assault by one of the newly spawned hordes and suffered several wounds.

The enemy drew closer but paid a price as the immortals opened fire beating off assault attempts but more termagants continued to appear and seize objectives. The enemy hive tyrant appeared on our right flank flying over the immortals inflicting losses in aerial attack.

The CíTan, though critically damaged was holding its own well on the left and the central attack was destroyed by the rapid fire of the warriors. The Hive tyrant inflicted losses on the warrior group though. The immortals continued to inflict losses and held off assaults; however they were closed down and assaulted at last. The Hive tyrant joined in too challenging and destroying the lord.

The Sky Terror arrived at last and inflicted some minor losses on one of the reserve groups. The huge mother monster was now amongst our depleted warriors and the Hive tyrant was joined by a termagant squad in the assault.

The immortals destroyed their lesser attackers but the warriors finally fell. However their cryptek escaped and headed to join the C Tan. The Sky Terror managed another attack on reserve forces inflicting little damage, and then was destroyed as the Hive tyrant destroyed Szeras and having sent our immortals running rose in to the air again. The Sky Terror actually crashed onto the immortals who were easily mopped up.

The Crypyek despite being shot down by enemy fire reanimated again to join the assault in support of the CíTan and the Tyrannids were finally defeated, including the mother creature that joined the assault. Our two survivors were now open to concerted salvoes of enemy fire and were destroyed.

So we were overwhelmed by weight of numbers. The assaults were not one sided, the Cryptekís lightning field doing well in defence and the augmented immortals fighting strongly, but our heavy support performed poorly contributing too little too late and we did little against the enemy heavies.

The enemy took all objectives and achieved all secondaries too for the loss of a few squads of Termagants and one monstrous creature, plus light damage to a few other squads. Taking into account their reinforcements the Tyrannid force remained around 60% intact.


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Swarmed Again
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