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 treacherous Allies

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PostSubject: treacherous Allies   Tue 23 Oct - 17:21:05

Treacherous Allies

Illuminor Szeras led a force of troops in concert with a Tau armoured division attempting to halt Orc hordes threatening to break out from the siege of Vrorporok Prime. The Annihilation Barge NNV Ascendant provided heavy support in the centre of a formation where the Tau occupied the northern end of our line and our forces the south.

Approaching from the east, three huge formations of orcs. Szeras and his warrior team held our left, Lord Ebra led a larger augmented warrior team in the centre and immortals under a cryptek held the right. Lychguards remained in reserve behind our lines.

The orc hordes came on in typical orcish fashion and the formations began to take hits from our fire and Tau gunmen. Our forces advanced slightly to try and deliver more damage, but the orc right was led by some very tough cookies who were absorbing tremendous punishment.

In the centre The Ascendantís fire was more effective and the Tau fire broke the orc right temporarily. On our right however, despite some failed assaults the orcs were continuing to ignore our fire and when they did arrive they destroyed Ebra and his unit in short order. The lychguard moved into assault, killing a few with their war scythes but they fell seconds later.

Our immortals and left flank were separated by the orc thrust and the Ascendant had already added to our woes by exploding. Szeras and his unit took heavy looses in assault next and were wiped out after breaking. The immortals and their cryptek leader fell last.

The Tau had suffered no loss to this point and the orcs swept through the Necron corpses to attack their right. A Tau vehicle had advanced against the broken orc right and remained in combat throughout the rest of the engagement. Battle suits advanced in the centre and more were destroyed by the main orc thrust against their right. The orcs ended victors as the Tau were forced to retreat, both sides having taken serious losses.

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treacherous Allies
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