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 Tyrannid Terror Thwarted

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PostSubject: Tyrannid Terror Thwarted   Mon 15 Oct - 12:41:38

Tyrannid Terror Thwarted

On Serengar VI Necron and orcs forces have battled for several months. Unknown to them both, the reason neither have received promised reinforcement is the arrival of a powerful Tyranid force in the system. On the Northern continent, Cryptek Triak PíNar, commanding the remnants of the sixty first Division monitored the arrival of the hive force and constructed a hasty alliance with the orc horde that was his enemy only hours before.

Triak had only one tomb stalker and the Annihilation barge NNV Savage Fury, plus his personal guard of immortals. The orcs were numerous, a large horde of troops supported by a couple of walkers. Each force was around 500 strong against an enemy comprising four monstrous creatures including a moorlock, supported by warriors and numerous termagants making them at least the equal of the uneasy allies.

The Necrons set up on the left, the orcs on the right, keeping a wary distance from each other. Both sides advanced spreading out and the Savage Fury opened fire inflicting early damage on the enemy warriors. The orcsí barrage weaponry caused carnage amongst tightly packed termagants but one of the huge creatures began spawning more at once.

A barrage of Tyrannid weapons responded too and a flying monstrous creature moved towards our flank whilst the moorlock burrowed out of sight. The advancing warriors took heavy loss as they advanced from the tesla fire of the Fury and termagants fell to the fire of the immortals but the tomb stalker assaulting the surviving warrior was destroyed by its twin bone sword defence.

The moorlock burst up amongst the orcs whilst the immortals suffered attack from the air, fortunately the immortals regenerative abilities were in good form with over half of casualties inflicted during the engagement recovered. The Savage Fury was hit by unseen opponents who continued to lob in missiles and was temporarily disabled. Assaulting termagants began a furious battle with the huge orc unit but suffered heavily losing their first unit.

Our fire continued to be effective against the flimsy termagants and the orcs were proving tough opponents for the enemy who now had two monstrous creatures engaged as well as their termagants. Our immortals continued to resist attacks well and one orc walker fell supporting our flank. The other destroyed the last Tyrannid warrior and moved to screen our left.

The Moorlock failed to assault the disabled Fury but the flying enemy creature attacked and destroyed the orc commander in our rear for three victory points. The orc horde finally broke and was destroyed having done good work and two termagant units attempted to assault our immortals, by passing the lone walker.

One unit failed and the other was almost wiped out by our overwatch, the sole survivor of that group fell as Triak activated his lightning field. This was the final action of the engagement.

Our alliance had lost the orc warlord commander plus almost all his forces. We had lost the tomb stalker and thirty percent of our immortals with the Savage Fury damaged but fully operational. Five victory points to the Tyrannids then including a linebreaker award for their flier.

Despite the fact that all their monstrous creatures were operational, plus they had at least two other undamaged units, the orcs had inflicted first blood and we had destroyed five other units for a total of six victory points. Our casualties amounted to just over fifty percent with the survivors amounting to 244. The orc losses were over 90%, whilst those of the Tyrannids were estimated at 40% though itís difficult to factor accurately as units lost were of lesser value and included some spawned during the action, plus two or three monstrous creatures were wounded.

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Tyrannid Terror Thwarted
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