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 Orc Menace

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PostSubject: Orc Menace   Thu 20 Sep - 18:05:49

Orc Menace

A horde of orcs sweeping across the surface of Vegreno Six had to be stopped. Illuminor Szeras accompanied warlord Tuego and thirty warriors. He also had a stalker and the option to call in air support from the Doom Scythe NNV Resourceful. A small force of Imperial space wolves had also moved to intercept the green horde and held the left of our position as the enemy poured forward seizing the initiative.

The marines opened up with barrage weapons from their vehicles in the rear but quickly lost their bikes on the left to orc choppas, but the choppas too took heavy losses. Our walker opened fire on the right and our shots began inflicting some casualties as Szeras directed his squad of warriors from aboard the Ghost Ark NNV Surging Power in the centre. Lord Tuego stayed in the rear whilst a small squad of warriors held the objective on the right.

The orcs advanced in general, breaking through towards the trio of objectives, all in our deployment zone. The marines held the left, but the centre was quickly going to be contested. The Resourceful failed to arrive and the orc HQ checked its advance to bring up support as the orcs had trouble getting their vast numbers forward.

The orcs were suffering terrible casualties from the barrage weapons of the imperials but less so on our flank and the stalker was destroyed by their assault after its heat ray proved ineffective against the orc warlord. Our warriors fell back, directing fire that wiped out the lead orc unit; the orcs on the left however broke through to assault and destroyed the Surging Power which exploded. Survivors were pinned down and then quickly destroyed by point blank enemy fire.

Marines on the left were being worn down but were delivering significant casualties in return and the orc body piles were building up, then the Resourceful arrived at last but its deadly weaponry did little against the HQ of the enemy. Orcs holding the centre objective were able to use skyfire and the Resourceful was quickly shot down as it screamed overhead having delayed its arrival so long that it had overshot most of its targets.

The orcs on the right twice failed to assault our objective but eventually the few surviving orcs broke through and our last warriors fell, Lord Tuego having already been despatched by enemy flamer barrages. The marines were gone too, their vehicles the final survivors as the orcs swept all before them, though pitifully few of the attackers survived the assault to glory in their victory.

A disaster therefore with the orcs seizure of the initiative, the failure of the Resourceful and failure of our warriors to deploy their fields of fire effectively. The Imperial troops weaponry was better deployed, more effective and their superior combat skills at least exacted a toll in melee combat.

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Orc Menace
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