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 Evidence Presented

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PostSubject: Evidence Presented   Tue 28 Aug - 17:29:32

Evidence Presented

‘The evidence not conclusive, but I felt it was necessary to bring it to yourselves after uncovering the latest breakthrough in my analysis.’

The ancient researcher paused to gather his thoughts; he needed to be sure that the illustrious panel of Priest Lords understood the implications- the possible implications he corrected himself, of what he had discovered. Twenty years or more of study, usually in his idle hours had gradually uncovered a frightening picture.

The three priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus were amongst the leaders of the organisation that from Mars spread its influence through the Imperium. They looked bored, even Merichus, who the researcher regarded as an ally, they had trained together for what? Seven years some decades before. Indeed, he was only being granted this audience because of that tenuous connection.

Merichus broke into his thoughts, not unkindly. ‘Do continue, other pressing matters will only wait so long.’

‘Quite, thanks my lord. If I may recap, the aliens destroyed on Indirius Seven twenty three years ago had an extensive library of information that has taken me this time to decipher, at least in part. Fortunately sections of the records could be identified as planetary coordinates, the universal language of mathematics could show that at least, but there seemed to be no correlation to any known bodies.

The breakthrough came when speculating that certain rare entries must be major phenomena such as nebulae or pulsars and I was able to identify several likely candidates for markers; pulsars were particularly helpful as they have very precise signatures. The record made no sense however, until that is, it occurred to me to adjust the time frame. Running a programme that adjusted for the passage of time, the accuracy gradually improved until a reasonable – that is over 80% match was achieved.

It was necessary to recalibrate to a time more than sixty million years ago to make the records make sense, there’s a margin for error of course, but inconsistencies can be accounted for by bodies that have ceased to exist and inevitable gaps in our own knowledge. We also were able to decrypt most of the language with this breakthrough.

The information recovered turned out to be an inventory, a listing of planets conquered, colonised and surveyed. There are over five thousand such records, some detailed in hundreds of data entries, some with barely any. All the records share one thing, a significant drop off in detail and frequency of information that occurs consistently across all records.

I believe that this occurs sixty million years ago, however I have been unable to establish what units of time are used. If their unit of measurement is approximately 8.6 of our years the figures seem to work out and it would of course corroborate the geographical information if I may so call it.

The records concerning one particular body are the reason for our meeting today: On your screens now you can see the planet referred to by the Aliens as Aegyp, classified as a target for colonisation. There are a number of record entries against this potential colony. They are appearing on the data pads infront of you now.

As with so many, there are large chunks missing and fragments that we cannot surely translate, and the timeline is very unclear as we have no way of referencing it that we can be sure of. Our best summary for Aegyp is that it was cleansed of most lifeforms that the aliens regarded as problematical by a deliberately engineered climate change brought on by an asteroid being steered into the planet.’

The High Priest Dancarion had never much liked lectures and saw a flaw in the logic at this point. ‘With all due respect, that seems an extraordinary method of dealing with a problem of that nature. Surely such an advanced race could simply wage war, or send a virus or some such. Why choose such a clumsy, imprecise yet complex method?’

‘Excellent points my Lord, but I believe that the method used was quite normal for the race concerned where a planet had large numbers of dangerous species, not necessarily intelligent that needed to be destroyed. The climate change probably eliminated 90% of life on Aegyp including anything that was a potential threat, with no risk or significant expenditure of effort on their part.’ The researcher paused for further challenge, but finding none, continued.

‘A major element of the archive following is then damaged, but when it becomes readable again it seems to be just routine very brief reports of visits to the planet, no mention of a colony. These reports seem to continue over millions of years, sometimes almost as cursory as noting the planet’s continued existence, sometimes with random sets of data. It should be noted that in many of the other records where planets are inhabited by this race, there are accounts of them entering a period of dormancy at the command of their leaders, apparently to ride out some threat.

The last few reports from Aegyp are of most interest and have been decrypted only in the past few days: After what must be tens of millions of years they record contact with an emerging civilisation. The aliens, or some at least, perhaps only a handful, actually seem to take up residence with the emerging humanoids for a period, possibly for hundreds or even thousands of years, it’s not clear. There is another break, and it seems they disengage as suddenly.

Then an intense period of reports: Visits to the planet resume but the civilisations there have now achieved a pre atomic industrialised state. It seems these visits are some thousands of years later and the tone of the reports changes, now seeing the inhabitants as a possible threat whereas before they had been looked on as potential slaves.

There are references to specimen taking on a wide scale, from remote areas, ships at sea; there are commentaries on native wars, equipment, tactics, speculation about their technology developments, aircraft, rockets, radio, and space travel. Then a reference to a disaster: This is the first indication that the planned colony was established but buried deep underground and dormant, like the rest of the alien civilisation.

Whatever the malfunction or natural event, it was catastrophic and caused significant damage to the aliens’ subterranean colony; it may even have been sabotage as there are references to a battle with an alien race shortly thereafter and a major vessel from the enemy side crashes on the planet. The translation is inexact but the description could I believe could be that of an Eldar City Ship.

A small gap, perhaps only decades and the aliens record the natives’ development of atomic power. This is the final entry to which we have access. I believe a reasonable estimate places this event at least 35,000 years ago.’

‘This is all very interesting’ this was High Lord Batria, who had not yet deigned to speak, ‘but of what concern is this ancient history to us?’

‘My projections my Lords show an 82% probability that Aegyp, is in fact Holy Terra. With a little more information, time and research we could prove it beyond doubt. There may be more recent records that would confirm it for certain.

‘You’re saying that from all these terabytes of data, there is nothing conclusive?’ Lord Merichus could not keep the incredulity from his voice.

On the contrary my Lord, there is a vast amount of detailed conclusive information. I select at random here –‘ He held up a data pad and glanced through it, ‘an account of the seizure of the crew and passengers from a sailing ship, the Marie Celeste,’ He scrolled down the pad, ‘here the deliberate destruction of a civilisation rivalling the desert dwellers with whom the aliens had settled by an induced volcanic eruption. It may be there is archaeological evidence that could be found to substantiate the accounts, these huge pyramids that seem characteristic of their influence might have left traces if we could just work out where they once stood.’

‘If they stood at all.’ Interjected Dancarion helpfully. The researcher ignored him, seized with the need to convey the import of the situation.

‘They refer to local native names for certain areas, for instance, the asteroid used to change the climate is said to have impacted in the ‘Caribbean’ region, the Eldar ship crashes in a country called ‘Siberia,’ the disaster that seems to have caused catastrophic damage to the dormant colony occurred in an island chain referred to as ‘Krakatoa,’ these records are exact and demanding, it is ourselves who have nothing to check them against. Infuriatingly and surely not by coincidence it appears they stop at the very dawn of the age of technology.’

‘Then,’ High Lord Batria intoned, ‘there is no proof. Nothing we can present to council?’

‘Essentially correct, but with this amount of evidence should we not be alerting the Emperor himself that there could be an alien colony, perhaps damaged, perhaps not, buried beneath the Holy soil of Terra itself. Imagine…’

‘You presume too much. We are the arbiters of policy here.’ Batria’s tone was final. ‘You have done well to bring this to us, but this information must be considered carefully and remain absolutely secret meanwhile. All your research is to be transferred under my personal authority; you will bring everything to me for it to be put under my seal. In the meantime, you have done good work in the Emperor’s holy name. You are dismissed for now we will send for you again tomorrow.’

The researcher bowed and left. He had discharged his duty and there was a slight spring in his step as although there seemed an element of doubt, he was sure that as their understanding grew they would not fail to grasp the enormity of the situation. Any way, what possible harm could there be in making sure the very home of mankind was safe?

Back in the audience chamber where the three High priests remained seated, Lord Merichus spoke. ‘A good man, very thorough.’

Dancarion added ‘But troublesome, who would have thought anyone would bother to wade through all that?’

High Lord Batria agreed and spoke for the benefit of a secure interplanetary communications channel that had been open for the duration of the meeting.

‘What action shall we take my lord?’

A thin reedy mechanical sounding voice grated from the speaker, slightly distorted by distance, thousands of tonnes of intervening rock and the effect of the hyperwave transmission carrier wave that allowed instantaneous communication over millions of miles between Mars and Holy Terra.

‘My Praetorians will provide you with scarabs to attend to it. The information must be completely eradicated of course and you should ensure that he is fully debriefed, for who can say how many others he may have prattled to over the years? A discrete accident after a decent interval unless you have any particular use for him, but check my Crypteks cannot use him for anything first, he clearly has some talents and may be worth preserving.

This could have been a serious breach, you must redouble your security and ensure there are no other such loose ends, we need just a little more time before the three of you can take on the role of true immortal leaders of your race.’

The three heretics nodded at the voice of their master and replied with one voice:

‘Yes my Lord.’

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Evidence Presented
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