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 Mega Conflict

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PostSubject: Mega Conflict   Wed 22 Aug - 18:03:54

Mega Conflict

The largest army assembled in recent times is rumoured to have suffered heavy defeat contesting an unknown objective somewhere in sector 20. Details are itís believed being suppressed because of the scale of the defeat.

Tau and Necron forces acting in concert attacked chaos marines and space wolves moving to seize an unspecified goal that lay through a stable warp portal recently discovered on Oakhollius Seven in the Dog star nebulae.

Partially recovered logs from the Necron side indicate that they deployed a force in the region of 8800 and some measure of the scale of the two day engagement can be gathered from them, extracts follow:

Four overlords deployed, three with teams of immortals, only one survived (along with the bulk of his unit) after defeating a Nurgle daemon in single combat. Two were eliminated by space wolves in assault on the left flank along with their immortals, the other the Command Barge NNV Sweeping Advance. A psychic attack by space wolves removed the fourth from the battlefield.

Two Tesseract captures were attempted without success in these combats though mindshackle scarabs did have some success. The surviving overlord also destroyed a unit of chaos marine terminators in a second challenge.

Two Lords were deployed, both heading units of immortals. One escaped after reanimating when his unit was destroyed and continued to engage several enemy units solo until the battleís end. Two crypteks were deployed on each flank supporting two of the overlords, but both were destroyed, one after detaching to destroy space wolf armour with his voltaic staff.

The eight units of immortals deployed suffered more than 90% losses including the unit holding the objective through the warp portal and another enfiladed by two dark Eldar units who assaulted it from two sides when they briefly joined the battle. The Ghost ark transport NNV Fearsome Aspect was the first loss of the battle, hit by violent atmospheric discharges of the planetary atmosphere.

A total of twelve heavy destroyers in four units deployed during the battle but were not concentrated though two units were amongst the last to fall. Eight scarabs were deployed but never made it to any vehicles, they were wiped out by the forces of the planet itself after being locked in battle with two chaos marine units for a long time, but so were their marine opponents.

The five wraiths took part in a multi unit assault after failing their first assault attempt and did some damage before falling at the end, a number of chaos units fell in the combat. Two stalkers took part and were both destroyed, and a deathmark squad deep striking did little, being destroyed by dark Eldar jet bikes.

A squad of praetorians attempting to reach the portal were caught and destroyed in assault and a larger unit arriving late did damage to enemy terminators before being destroyed in assault. Two squads of lychguard were also too slow to do any damage and suffered from dispersed deployment though the second squad caused a surprise to the marines with their dispersal shields.

A unit of flayed ones assaulting space wolves was utterly destroyed without striking a blow late on but two CíTans did cause the enemy some damage, the first against the wolves on the left and the second playing a major part in the destruction of a demon on the right. This CíTan was one of our few survivors.

Four doom scythes deployed in two pairs and did have some effect, knocking out some enemy walkers and drawing a lot of fire. The NNV Broadside, Sky Scourge, Whirlwind and Death Dispenser were all destroyed quickly after firing one salvo each. The Doomsday Ark NNV Galactic Dominance arrived late and fell to space wolf melta bombs as did the monoliths NNV Retribution and Fearless which arrived earlier but were ineffective.

Strong enemy forces got through the warp portal whilst only one Tau unit was able to get through to support our two units already present. A massive Titan deployed by the enemy was destroyed and a huge Tau flyer took part but did not bring victory. Our survivors mustered at strength 819, less than 10% of forces deployed.


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Mega Conflict
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