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 Infection in The Camp

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PostSubject: Infection in The Camp   Mon 5 Dec - 13:57:21

Well, we were all pretty shaken up by the attack I can tell you but we determined that we would redouble our efforts to ensure the safety of the child and the crusade. My fine new companions were equally determined, the feisty bone picker in particular said that it would take at least a couple of 7 inchers to worry her. (I believe she was referring to the size of her opponents weapons)* We sorted ourselves out into three duty rosters to cover the guard duty, I was lucky enough to be paired with one of Sigmar's chosen people, Borri of fine dwarven stock. We took the night shift, resolute in our determination to fend off any further threats to the chosen one.

*Good clarification Theo

Meanwhile, machinations were machinating amongst the upper tiers of the Child's chief disciples: Lord Helmut, spiiritual leader of the crusade who had identified the child and led the path towards glory, approached Gizbert and Neils, commissioning them to investigate possible cultist infiltration, possibly at a senior level. Independently, Jans, the Child's manager and logistics man approached the rest of us with the same task. Both cited our relative newness to the camp and evident loyalty as the reason for choosing us. Both were distrustful of the other and were also divided over strategy for the crusade, one favouring straight to Kislev as the child's viision demanded, or via Altdorf to gather more strength and followers on the way. The via Altdorf faction had won out, and my new colleagues advised me that they had already been pursuing evidence of a Nurgle plot involving the child, and this plot had required a trip to Altdorf first.

Other key players/ suspects: The two warrior leaders of the crusade, Kriege and Eisenbach, the former a well respected battle veteran, the latter a member of the landed aristocracy, more interested it seemed to me in his dinner table than Sigmar's altar, but commanding the majority of troops accompanying us which put him in a powerful position. We picked up a large number of rumours wwith judicious enquiry including various mixed opinions on the notables. Gizbert even managed the blessing of a conversation with the child himself, and it puzzled us that he seemed to be going to Altdorf against his better judgement, for his visions clearly showed Kislev in peril.

One of the learned doctors attending the entourage told us of the mysterious yellow plague that had struck down some poor souls. Victims died unable to pass water yet frantically thirsty, the work of the ruinous powers? Perhaps, but given the great mass of people moving without proper waste disposal facilities or opportunity for basic cleanliness, it hardly seemed surprising. Some of Kriege's men were alledgedly suffering from facial boils and we picked up evidence of this, and there were also reports of Kriege wandering from camp at night, but some rumours were from sources whose impartiality was at best, questionable.

That evening Kriege did indeed however slip out of camp, followed by doughty Gizbert who followed him to a circle of chaos rune enscribed stones deep in the forest, the site of hideous mutated sheep sacrifice. The captain seemed almost sleepwalking however, and in the morning we formed the opinion that he was subject to control by some hostile power attempting to incriminate him. We decided to keep our own counsel for the moment, though I had suggested full exposure of the truth as is the manner of my Order of the Cleansing Flame, to whom my life is dedicated. In view of the witch hunters' experience in these matters I demurred.

Life in the camp continued with some strange occurences: The gypsys were unpopular and subjected to searches by guards who sought vampire coffins in their caravans. A young girl followed Beatrix, but when approached she fled. She had a boil on her face like the suspect guards, however, my companions continued to suspect that Kriege's party were the targets of some plot of misdirection.

That night we lay in wait again for |Kriege to take his nightly excursion, but we were brought running after midnight by commotion from his tent: Kriege and his party had all burst out with great mutations deformities and blemishes and were cut down but loyal troops, the captain crying about a rat as he was slain. After ensuring the safety of the child, who was unhurt praise be to Sigmar, I checked the tent of the captain. It seemed to me that it was likely that such an eruption had been caused by introduction of some agent into food or drink, but I saw nothing save a manky diseased rat. The eruption of chaos had been swiftly dealt with with no problem which seemed equally suspicious. A powerful player had been removed from the game, yet Jan and Helmut saw it as proof of chaos attack successfully resolved. We fear that there will be more to come, the child may have just lost a layer of protection, but we must keep our suspicions close whilst we determine the identity of the true enemy, the enemy within!

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Infection in The Camp
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