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 In the Name Of The Father

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PostSubject: In the Name Of The Father   Mon 28 Nov - 17:16:02

The Father was tired: What with all the excitement of the attack and the threat to the Lord Sigmar's recent manifestation there had been much strain placed upon his already burdened shoulders. The undead horde had been repelled though and the holy child was safe for the moment at least; praise be to, well, him he supposed. Some newcomers had been valiant in defence of the saviour: He had seen the whole thing as one, clearly a great warrior disguised as a thief, mightily slew the horde's leader sending the filthy ghouls reeling and the rotting zombies crumbling to the dust of despair.

Here surely was a group of fighters worthy of his support, who could ensure the salvation of the crusade, and through it, the Empire. His zeal rising, he introduced himself to the group of companions who had gathered to mourn* over a fallen brother.

*Well, apparently Hazyore owed some of them money

'I am Father Theo,' he said, 'and at this moment of sorrow I remind you all of the redemption that lies in Sigmar's heart, the strength that may be found in enforcing his will, the equilibrium that flows from defending his glorious name and indeed person. Let us go forward together and smite the scourge of chaos, let us bring the will and determination of Sigmar himself to the lost peoples of the Empire, let us preach his wisdom, his justice and his righteous revenge against the chaos horde, and let his wonderful radiance light up your lives.'

'And up yours.' Said Gizbert.
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In the Name Of The Father
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