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 Another Unhappy Ending

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PostSubject: Another Unhappy Ending   Tue 15 Nov - 17:25:41

Another Unhappy Ending

We continued our pursuit through the horrors of the forest, a huge tangled web of evil and chaos, choking the earth with its creeping infestation of woodyness that sought to block out the sun and strangle the very planet with its piercing roots.

Then, unexpectedly, we caught up the ponderous crusade. It was encamped around the small village of Guten, over a thousand souls caught up in the fanatical circus surrounding the fraudulent Messiah.* From a distance, we witnessed the child emerge to address his adoring worshippers.

*Almost certainly just a very naughty boy.

Heavily armoured troops surrounded him as he was boosted onto a shield held aloft on an already raised platform, the better that he could be seen and adored by the tumultuous masses. His words did not carry to us, but we could hear the tremendous ovations, chants and cheers of the crowd. Then he was gone, whisked away by his powerful entourage back into the secure heart of the camp.

Our elf escort appeared disturbed by the spectacle, declaring such a demagogue to be a threat to world peace, and the Father enthusiastically concurred. Their views on the solution were both fairly extreme but diverged in important aspects: The father wanted to kidnap the child to take him to Altdorf for trial and punishment. The elves simply wanted to assassinate him.

Whichever option we favoured, we needed to research the camp and duly infiltrated it to study its defences and learn all we could. Prowling about mingling with the hordes we found that few could recount anything but the most general thrust of the child’s oratory. It seemed quite personal in that he had talked about the search for his mother, and we wondered if the child was being gulled by Nurgle cultists into this journey using this story.

Speaking of which, the great numbers of active digestive tracts present and the continuing failure of any old world inventors to come up with a functioning portaloo meant that the environs of Guten were fast becoming a quagmire of unpleasantness, ideal breeding grounds for all manner of maggots and the like, though Borri seemed quite happy eating them. The child according to some we spoke to, intended to travel on through the Empire to Kislev and the chaos wastes beyond to smite the arch enemy with righteous wrath. Curiouser and curiouser.

Some elements of the crusade seemed not quite as Utopian as we might have imagined: There were clearly some gangs attached making a living preying on the, for want of a better word, pilgrims. There were also gypsies attached to the camp, and some unhappy citizens still trying to persuade enchanted relatives and friends to return home.

The child’s quarters were in the centre of things and a well armed and coherent body of men and knights appeared to make up the core of his defenders, presumably attracted en masse under their leader. We had also seen the priest of Sigmar who had presumably been at the heart of things since the emergence in Marienberg.

Someone then had the brilliant idea of enrolling a couple of us in the entourage of bodyguards/ escorts, so Beatrix and Bittenov put themselves forward. Our strategy at this point was still to learn all we could; the elves had asked for us to reconnoitre with a view to them using their infiltration skills to assassinate the scion, probably assisted by a diversion. The Father’s idea of capturing the child seemed less practical given the hue and cry this would certainly raise if these fanatics believed their leader was still alive and in peril from us.

Borri’s plans were substantially disrupted, (had they ever existed) when he discovered the carts containing all the alcohol from the Reaper’s Bounty and decided that it was his dty as the only dwarf present to lighten their load. The feeble wizard accompanying him somehow got caught up in his quest for total liver destruction and as night fell two of our party were completely out of it, their brains jugged in their own private vats of spirits.

Beatrix and Bittenov meanwhile discovered unexpectedly that signing on for the Child’s service involved meeting him, and this meant falling under his powerful charms. Well of course once this happened it became their eager duty to warn the child and his associates of the dastardly plot being hatched by misguided inquisitors, a reactionary priest and a bunch of marauding cut throat elves, to kidnap or even kill the reincarnated Lord Sigmar.


As night fell and even as the elf assassins prepared to move against the camp, Gizbert and the elves suddenly realised that the accursed trees had more surprises to reveal: A horde of undead moved steadily through the woods, their sightless zombie eyes fixed on the camp, and scurrying more agilely amongst them, a troop of ghouls, who were soon in hot pursuit of Gizbert who cleverly took to the treetops, only to find that tree climbing is a hobby every active ghoul enjoys most weekends.

The camp was quickly roused by the large numbers of intruders, but it was quickly obvious that its defences were spread thin with many defenders away foraging or scouting. Beatrix and Bittenov quickly joined the thin line of defenders protecting the Messiah whilst Gizbert, after eluding his pursuit disguised himself and joined the attacking zombies, aiming to reach the lead ghoul who he had spotted seemingly summoning a great vampire bat into the attack with some form of ultra sonic whistle.

The fight was bitter and desperate, so much so that the drunken dwarf was even roused from his puddle of vomit to join the fray. In the struggle Bittenov and Beatrix both sustained mighty injuries and fell horribly wounded, but then Gizbert killed the ghoul pack leader and the zombies were all slain in that moment and the attack repelled.

It was too late for Bittenov though, his body was found at its post where he had valiantly fallen defending the Child, Beatrix had barely escaped death too after being almost overwhelmed. Of the elves there was no sign; they had slipped away in the confusion, but the Father and his aide were captured. The Father was immediately completely bespelled by the child’s power much to the aide’s disgust and Borri, possibly insulated by booze that had replaced the blood in his veins also proved resistant to the child’s charms.

Larry meanwhile, slept blissfully on…

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Another Unhappy Ending
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