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 No Limits

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PostSubject: No Limits   Tue 2 Aug - 17:54:02

No Limits

We were ready to receive the wisdom of the preacher and attended the chapel-like cavern where we would be imparted with the word of T’Zench. No roll call and the master himself arrived shortly. He harangued us for some time, plus of course the rest of the congregation and we participated with varying degrees of enthusiasm in the cries of ‘Change has no limits and cannot be circumscribed’, although certain comedic elves felt it necessary to subtly adapt it to a more kosher catchphrase.

Getz was particularly enthusiastic and caught the eye of Petra during the session, which also saw a sinning halfling handed over to the good doctor Witzend for corrective therapy. The sermon went quite well, although when Malusalbus questioned individual cultists with obscure points of doggerel there seemed to be little evidence that any but his most basic teachings were taking root. Most of his questions were met with simple chants, clearly ingrained over long conditioning.

The majority of participants indeed seemed stupefied to the point of slack jawed mindlessness that enabled little room for any kind of intelligent response. At the conclusion we withdrew, refreshed with the recent drenching of T’Zench lore.*

*You might say we were drenched with T’Zench

The intrepid Andilwei decided that the time had come to examine the area a little more closely and discreetly returned to the temple cave, discovering behind a curtained alcove a rope ladder leading up to a trapdoor from which our cult leader must have descended. He cautiously climbed to the top and eased open the door, his eyes greeted by a terrifying spectacle…

In the room above, rows of severed heads, twenty seven in number lined shelves around the walls, the heads seemingly still eerily alive.* Searching the room, our hero discovered some broken bits and bobs of alchemical bric a brac, but more interestingly a grimoire and a metal disc.

*More eerie matters later

With voices betraying the presence of the master in an adjacent chamber, the elf, disappointed not to have discovered his missing amulet or the doomstone, decided to beat a prompt retreat with his booty.

Returning swiftly to the safety of our home cave, we reviewed the spoils together. Syrilliac was quickly salivating over the grimoire, which proved to be a necromantic tome, full of typical black spells and rituals for your average evil doer to control those who should be at eternal rest. One unique enchantment referred to a way of using disembodied heads to store knowledge, each head able to retain large quantities of information available on demand, literally.

The metal disc seemed to show the phase of the moon in a display whose significance eluded us. Just a pretty bauble? Maybe, maybe not. Saladin Balla Bing suggested planting the items on some handy patsy, but Andilwei decided to return for more information and to restore the purloined items before they were missed.

He stealthily returned successfully and returned the grimoire to its resting place before quizzing the heads for information. The heads were a gruesome site: Hung by their hair, or just nailed up if they had none, all the major races were represented. Each head was neatly labelled with a letter and one with the word ‘index.’

Showing unexpected mental agility possibly brought on by the recent growth of a third ear on his body, the elf identified the location of the cave where all our items including presumably the doomstones were stored. The description of their location was so fascinating that the arrival of Malusalbus took him by surprise.

A surprisingly civilised debate then took place with no threats of or indeed actual violence.* The master felt quite unthreatened** and showed his loyal follower his alchemical laboratory including a number of potions of a clearly hallucinogenic nature designed to bring one closer to T’ Zench.

*Is this a record?
**The presence of one of the large killer reptile beastmen no doubt contributed significantly to his sense of security

The elf duly took a swig from an offered test tube and spent the best part of an hour enjoying various visions of varying degrees of horror, but as we were to learn later, also containing fragments that seemed to be demonstrating how to destroy the doomstones. Had we stumbled so easily on the means to communicate with T ‘Zench and discover the key to the chaos crystals’ destruction?*


Wisdom comes at a price however, and the price on this occasion appears to be a significant slice of Andilwei’s sanity. Since his return to us, he has not communicated and indeed the only noise he seems capable of is laughter, from sniggering chuckles to full blown belly laughs, often at the most inconvenient / inappropriate/ dangerous moments.

We continue to attend the communions though Saladin has had an interlude in the hospital, where he discovered that the local cave snake’s bite whilst painful is not actually fatal. He also noted that the good doctor Witzend has a very dedicated interest in basic female anatomy, his progressive theories involving vigorous massage of their erogenous zones which can apparently be invaluable therapy in the cure of disease and maladies apparently completely unrelated to them.

The psychotic Arab also enjoyed a spot of the old Arab sport of Halfling tossing*, hurling a young halfling girl to her death from the cave mouth for the hideous crime of showing grief for her late father. This did earn the despicable oik a thorough beating for unauthorised vigilantism. Getz having failed to save her was thrown deeper into depression by this incident.

*Don’t even think it

Surprisingly, the halfling sinner we had seen at our first service re-emerged from the Doctor’s care, slightly battered but still alive. We had half expected that we would only ever see him again as one of the bodyless corpses in the library. We also wondered if the questioning sessions in the worship/ lectures were intended to identify those with suitable intelligence to become the nightmarish knowledge depositories.

Syrillia meanwhile theorises that we may be able to get information on how to destroy the doomstone from the heads, but at this point of course, we were somewhat uncertain on how to proceed, as the last expedition to the heads had returned to us a gibbering laughing maniac who even laughs at Getz’s jokes, with any benefits to the trip yet to be clear.

After a couple of days, Getz plucked up the courage for an attempt to parley with the macabre undead library. Unfortunately he failed to prepare himself psychologically and on successfully opening the trap door and catching sight of the ghastly gallery, he fell from the ladder in a convulsion of terror and has vowed not to return. He has however taken solace in the arms of a stunning* cook who has caught his fancy.**

*Stunning in the sense that she was stunned as she hit every branch of the ugly tree as she fell from it.
**And is determined not to let it go

Meanwhile to help pass the time, we continue to cultivate new and exciting mutations. Saladin has a darling little set of cherubic wings taking shape nicely, and Getz is spending more and more time preening as feathers take increasing hold of his torso. Well, it’s definitely time for a change.


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No Limits
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