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 Welcome To Dead Dwarf Central

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PostSubject: Welcome To Dead Dwarf Central   Tue 12 Jul - 13:30:21

Welcome To Dead Dwarf Central

None of us had ever been down the throat of a dwarf god before,* and we were expecting a traditional warm welcome from our stone fixated little friends. We were not disappointed as the canny elf detected a trap triggered by a step near the top of a spiral stairway.

*Although there are salacious rumours about Saladin; they have some pretty unsavoury practices in the heathen east

The stairs led down into an open chamber, exposing us to a no doubt withering barrage of crossbow bolts from entrenched defenders. Fortunately the defenders’ ability to lay down the afore mentioned barrage was seriously hampered by a number of critical factors:

a) They had suffered a 100% reduction in their mobility with no motor function possible

b) They had severe problems with their faculties, making it impossible for them to achieve the necessary hand eye coordination to aim and fire their weapons

c) Their sensory functions were completely inoperative

d) The technical term for this set of symptoms is death, and they were indeed dead

e) Not only that, stone dead, literally, petrified by the lava flows that had flooded the chamber millennia before as the doomstones started as they meant to carry on, spreading death and disaster on a comprehensive scale

f) In addition, their weapons, after 4,000 years without the regular servicing prescribed in the dwarven Warriors’ handbook, had suffered a number of serious failures, including rotting away, melting, reduction to ash, severe corrosion and lack of oiling, sharpening and polishing.

Taken together, these factors reduced the combat efficiency of the hold’s first line of defence to a significant degree. The fact that we avoided the rockfall trap on the stairs left us in the unusual position of entering the area completely unscathed.*

*Although actually everyone except the smugly regenerating elf was already pretty comprehensively scathed as a result of our previous little skirmishes

The elf members of our expedition were particularly moved at the pathetic tableau of diddy death spread before us, but somehow managed to contain their laughter as Zoccri bless him, looked a little upset as he surveyed his old haunts. The extensive remodelling caused by the lava flows now long since cooled, had managed to create comprehensive destruction without closing off any passages.

We searched part of the complex discovering little, until a swarm of chaos-spawned tentacles attacked us from above, emerging suddenly from the ceiling. This discouraged* our exploring instincts and it occurred to us (some would say not before time) to ask the Great Zoccri as to which way we should go.

*And let’s face it, we get discouraged easily, the mere squeaking of rats had already dissuaded us from taking two routes

As a result, we returned to the grand entrance hall and took the first passage we had originally considered, the very one from which the lava seemed to have burst on that fateful day so long ago.

We proceeded to an eerie chamber, the slightly damp necromancer* and Slurk bringing up the rear, the earthy elf leading the way. We discovered here a constantly looping re-enactment, recreation or perhaps even shadows of the real event.

*She had suffered a slight mishap involving a soft drink, an involuntary movement and a rather sticky mess

Four vaguely discerned dwarf forms swimming in and out of focus performed a twenty minute repeating cycle, events from the birth of the doomstone, events that might hold answers that would help us in our search for a conclusion to our terrible quest.

Zoccri identified the players for us: At the centre, Wizmag, the creator of the stones. The dwarves are remonstrating with each other, in particular Wizmag who is concentrating on arguing with his principal subordinate. A broken table in the scene suggests previous violence. Has the stone already begun its rampage of destruction? Or did these events happen just before?

The scene concludes as the master destroys his deputy who explodes in a cloud of choking dust that had tangible impact on party members. A fifth dwarf, tiny enough to pass almost unnoticed at first viewing emerges to sweep up, and the whole cycle resets to repeat again, presumably for eternity.

Syrriliac now attempted to make contact with the apparitions, no doubt using her dark magicks. From this she discovered background information on them, a picture emerging of a driven creator ignoring others and heedless of advice until it was too late. Will we learn more from this re-creation? Are we witnessing wraiths of reality or actually somehow seeing the real historical figures, able to contact and interact with them?

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Welcome To Dead Dwarf Central
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