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 Death Arrives

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PostSubject: Death Arrives   Tue 5 Jul - 13:40:41

Death Arrives

OK so the DEAD are hurtling down the mountain accompanied by the clatter of a four thousand year old dwarf hovel being shaken like a snow globe. Our heroes are battered and bruised as the hut does its impression of a Zanussi BX1000 in its fast spin cycle, until at last it rolls to a halt.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, the hut ended resting on a precarious ledge Italian-Job style.* We immediately calmly and deliberately evaluated the situation and decided that the reasonable and logical course of action in these circumstances was to commence blind panic mode.

*Or for those of you under fifty, Jurassic Park style, although opinion is divided as to which one*

*But definitely not the first Sam!!!

The elf, with his super agility leapt clear and the hut dropped another thirty feet to shatter on a rocky mattress thoughtfully provided to dash out the brains of anyone lucky enough to enjoy a rollercoaster ride down the mountainside to this point. Also thrown clear: the body of the dwarf himself, who turned out to still be alive. It seems that his existence is linked to that of the doomstone and he will continue to exist as long as it does. Once the irritating axe was extricated, he was right as rain.*

* Or to be more accurate, as right as he was before insertion of said implement

Less comfortable, the late Spencer Von Tracey, AKA Digger whose corpse twitched a few times as the splintered arm bone rammed up through his own throat proved decisive in the whole 'Shall I continue to live and breathe?' Debate.

The dazed survivors staggered from the train wreck, narrowly avoiding being crushed by the dwarf, thoughtfully thrown down from the cliff top by increasingly reckless Andilwei. Osama Bin Salad Bowl was looking slightly confused, having unexpectedly attuned to the doomstone now that Digger was amongst the departed. Mitchell Getz meanwhile was looking shattered: His love Jeannie had also failed to survive the ordeal and he cradled her one eyed corpse in his arms.

Still, when you have a necromantic expert on hand like Oakshadow, being dead need not hamper your participation in the group. She promptly raised Tracey as a wight and he took his place at his new mistressís side, enquiring politely in a hollow but still distinctively accented voice if any of the party needed to meet their makers? By the time Andilwei had made his way down courtesy of a beautifully sculpted stairwell created by the doomstone,* further developments had occurred.

*More unbelievable recklessness

Slurk had arrived by air to greet his masters, having obviously been able to use his wings to escape the wrath of the pursuing knights, and the witch had raised Jeannie. In mitigation, it should be stressed that Getz was absolutely insistent on this point, demonstrating that his infatuation with her was even deeper than the others had hitherto suspected.

Getz also now proceeded to declare his love in the most physical way possible, although disturbingly the use of an eye socket as an orifice was a sight calculated to cause horror in all those who witnessed it. Perhaps this was what drove Andilwei and the Arab to madness, as the Sea Elf, seeing his former friend Digger in wight form, launched a frenzied attack on him, an attack which did not end until the wight was dispelled.

The rest of the party were too shocked to react* and Andilwei, his blood still up, next shot the zombiefied corpse of Jeannie, still locked in unnatural rapture with its former lover Getz. Getz was quite upset about this and although he retreated to some dark place within himself, it seems possible that this matter is not concluded.

*Except Getz who was too busy doing a lot of the shocking

Salad Bowl, apparently fearing the elf was intent on slaying the whole party, now attacked the Sea Elf and incredibly it was the witch who had to break up the fight. So now just four survivors and the dwarf doomstone maker remain, united only in mutual hatred, distrust, paranoia and fear of each other.

Getz is manically and possibly suicidally depressed, Salad Bin Bala Bing is just a maniac, Andilwei continues to struggle against the influence of chaos and the frigid bitch remains intent on her own evil agenda. Just add a two headed mad beastman and simmer for a few hours and who knows what will result?

We headed east for three days in uneasy truce, seeking the hold of Karag Wagner, birthplace of the stones. En route we encountered treacherous quicksand. Was the stone itself trying to prevent our return? Certainly trying to prevent our return: the force of dwarves who ambushed us as we arrived at our destination.

Cyrilliac fell, pierced through the centre of her skull* and Getz at last emerged from his reverie, charging the watchtower and its concealed crossbowmen. Andilwei turned the power of the doomstone on our opponents, its devastating power melting the tower, turning the defendersí stout hearts to lava and causing their gallant** colleagues to flee for their lives.

*Fortunately after the skirmish it emerged that the arrow had missed her brain by three feet.
**Well gallantish

Zlokki suggested that these foes were members of the Brotherhood of Memory, sworn to prevent the doomstone destroying the world. Obviously a bit more swearing required on their part. We at last approached the great entrance, formed in the likeness of the helmeted head of Drugni, and allowed ourselves to be swallowed by the great dwarf godís maw.

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Death Arrives
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