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 May Day

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PostSubject: May Day   Wed 4 May - 17:12:19

May Day

Faced by an impregnable door which we speculated needed a very precise sequence of events to open, we discussed Snorri’s idea of conducting a ritual of which we had incomplete knowledge at best and decided despite his efforts to intimidate that we’d rather find out more information about what was clearly a complex procedure. Failure to execute it properly would mean consequences, possibly dire.

Despite the concern that the second dwarf faction’s arrival could result in us finding ourselves in the middle of a civil war, we decided to search for the critical clues that would give us the key to the ritual. We surmised that this would mean simulating a funeral but how to deploy the fire elemental that seemed to be required or invoke the various runes, was anyone’s guess.

We returned to the robing room and replaced the staves and robes exactly where we had found them as this seemed the safest place to leave them for our return, and we felt they were probably needed for the ceremony to be effective. We then resumed our search of the complex, but it was about as successful as the hunt for Osama Bin Laden prior to 2011. A poltergeist attacked us as we moved through more areas of the dungeon level, and soon it and our dark elf witch were best of friends. Sadly* it was dispelled as we moved away from its usual haunt.

*I don’t think

Picking over the debris of a torture chamber brought little reward and then Snorri decided to blast his way through a tunnel collapse using his favourite toy, causing us all to scurry for cover. The resulting explosion bored a tunnel clean out of the mountain and we could glimpse daylight in the far distance.

The abuse of such power brought the interest of the local ghoul pack who leapt over the still red hot rubble in the corridor to attack. Only Snorri was effectively armed, but that was enough. The witch also opened up with some spells, but seemed to be having an off night, as she lost a fingernail, then vomited copiously as her spells alternated between inflicting injury on our enemies and embarrassment on herself.

Ghoul after ghoul fell under this combined attack whilst the rest of the party caught up on all those little things that they’d been putting off.* The necromancer returned to her hobby of raising the dead, and soon Snorri was surrounded not only by ghouls but by zombies formed by his slain victims.

*The sea elf somewhat confusingly appears to have developed an obsession with mining for example.

Snorri was quite happy with this situation, and little realising that the new arrivals were allies he was content to hack equally at these fell creatures too, eventually dispatching all comers, friend and foe.

We searched beyond and managed to gather a few rusty weapons and armour pieces to supplant our meagre supply, myself included. We returned having exhausted this direction and struck off into what turned out to be a maze of corridors.

Andilwei scouted ahead as we heard the distinctive drone of the dwarven mother tongue, and he managed to scope a fair distance before practically walking into the arms of two startled dwarf sentinels. Rather than attempt any irksome deception the elf opted for the ‘legging it at maximum speed’ approach and fled back to us.*

*I am sure this was carried out in heroic fashion

Luckily, we were close to a secret door which gave us the concealment we needed whilst a posse of dwarves, misdirected by a dark elf glamour went on a wild goose chase up a nearby ladder. Getz decided to take the whole party back to the guarded chamber, now handily vacated on the theory that this would be the least expected and therefore safest move.

Almost at once as we searched rapidly we found a connection with another of our many jigsaw puzzle like maps. This was an area we had approached from another direction previously, ascending from the temple level. The other rooms nearby that had warranted the armed guards turned out to be quarters for at least four of the five visiting priests, however our search was disappointing- nothing of interest was found.

Continuing on our way we found ourselves back at the makeshift rocky temple where we had descended before, and were actually in danger of catching up with our would be pursuers from another direction.

Lots of unexplained gaps remain on the maps, but many of them full no doubt of angry dwarves and time surely now a factor. We may need to enter the royal apartments, perhaps with some clever ruse or stratagem* or perhaps we will stumble luckily over the missing clues. Perhaps the three keys held by Owen will unlock them, are they linked to the three thrones guarded by a host of statues for example? Time will tell.

*Little chance of that then
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May Day
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