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 Without a Clue

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PostSubject: Without a Clue   Tue 19 Apr - 17:17:39

Without A Clue

We spent some time in traditional recriminations, this time centred on Cyriliac’s apparent temporary mislaying of the map and certain vital papers.* The robes lining the walls were matched by runes markings with the staves propped up with them. We decided to don them though Andilwei in particular looked slightly ridiculous as it made your typical porn starlet’s starting outfit look as bulky as an arctic parka by comparison.

*Later found to have been impounded with a witch and lion in a well known piece of bedroom furniture

The elf scouted both exits, in one a stairwell led to a doorway, the other was a natural cavern, however this soon dead ended. Snorri and I determined that there was some kind of concealment going on at its end, but could not put our fingers on exactly what lay there. Our dark elf applied her mystic skills to pinpoint the magically screened niche and Snorri opened it with his usual finesse.

A pile of parchments revealed quickly crumbled to dust, but in a scroll case we did find a summoning ritual. After an hours study, the ice queen was able to conclude that a fire elemental would be summoned using the scroll in the temple as part of burial rites. She was confident too, that she could perform the act.

The other direction took us to yet another chamber with a raised obsidian type dais, richly inscribed and adorned with sacred symbols. This appeared to match one of our earlier clue descriptions that spoke of the need to cleanse ourselves before entering the temple. The geography seemed right too with an exit possibly headed to the temple that had so far proved impassable.

To avoid harm we had to repeat the phrases from the inscriptions whilst tracing the sacred runes, then we would be safe from harm in the temple, perhaps if this was as seemed likely, the cleansing chamber, the ritual would presumably disarm the trap spoken of on the warning poster we had seen near the barracks at the entrance. The clincher would be if we found another stairway beyond the exit.

Everything proceeded according to plan as we spoke the words and traced the runes with varying degrees of success, I have to say some of the accents were pretty atrocious whilst my own pidgin version has improved considerably since our adventure began and threw us in so many dwarf-heavy situations. Getz clutched Harvey closely to him to ensure the rituals protection extended to him, we hoped.*

*Why do we always have so many dogs any way? As someone apparently innocently remarked…

Into the exit chamber and sure enough, stairs downward lay ahead. The elf then located the trap. Still, we had done the ritual and so it held no fears for us.* However, only the elf’s lightning reactions saved him as the stairs span in a sickening windmill that would have spelt metatarsal meltdown for anyone trapped by it. At least the next few steps too were similarly equipped so far as we could tell.

*Especially those of us not going first.

Despite the evident risk of jumping over the length of a trap whose extent we could only guess, the elf appeared extremely keen to risk his feet in a dwarf grinder. Sanity prevailed however, although unusually it was Snorri who brought the brain first solution to a successful conclusion, detecting the trap controls and neutralising them to allow our safe passage. A closer reading of the ritual clue allowed for an interpretation that only the dangers of the temple itself would be assuaged by the ceremony.

We entered the temple now without triggering any of the guardian elemental gargoyles, so at least that worked out. We found no further clue but with runes a plenty and a pair of dwarf statues* guarding the untried exit, it looked suspiciously like we needed to perform another secret ritual to pass further, a ritual about which we literally had no clue.

*Almost certainly the same type that had so recently given our invincible super dwarf a super drubbing without raising a sweat

It also seemed likely that the scroll with the fire elemental summoning would be part of the answer as you probably need to simulate a dwarven burial in full to open the door. This does at least suggest that the doomstone may lie beyond it, with the dwarf search parties unaware of this fact or perhaps trying to mine their way in.

Still, when you are loaded with fearsome chaos doomstones these considerations are unimportant aren’t they? Snorri raised his stone to wipe out the guardians and blast a passage out of the room. With no positive result; in fact, quite the opposite. There was a tiny negative effect, barely worth mentioning but I include it for completeness:

Despite Snorri’s skilful marshalling of the stone’s powers* the blast very nearly blew him into little bite size pieces. When the rest of us returned following the explosion, having for some reason hidden as far away as possible, we found him lying unconscious, the exit looking entirely unscathed.

*Or so he told us

Back to the drawing board then, we need to find some way of opening that door; it does after all resemble the barriers and pattern that protected the second doomstone in its dwarven hold, and we suspect that there’s only one way through. Just need to dig up those maps, wherever they are, and check elsewhere for more clues…


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Snorri Gundalgson


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PostSubject: Re: Without a Clue   Thu 21 Apr - 23:13:25

was thinking about our quest when it suddenly hit me, if all of dwarf-dom now knows that Karak-Graverning has been found won't the dwarves of erm... the bad guy that the dwarves that are already here hate turn up? and cos we've sided with the other dwarves won't a fight break out??? Idea
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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: Without a Clue   Tue 26 Apr - 12:08:03

well done Snorri

I was wondering when this little fact might come up on someones radar?
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PostSubject: Re: Without a Clue   Wed 27 Apr - 13:54:34

Is Snorri saying we have sided with the current dwarf occupants? I am sure I remember murdering some of them!
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PostSubject: Re: Without a Clue   

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Without a Clue
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