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 An Argumentative Descent

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PostSubject: An Argumentative Descent   Tue 5 Apr - 18:11:53

An Argumentative Descent

When we last saw our heroes, Getz was looking embarrassed having just discharged his doomstone without due care and attention; Owen was bleeding his life out on the corridor floor, hopefully jamming the pressure plate that had triggered the trap with congealed blood; Syphyllirac was checking her make up in the mirror and wondering where her eyebrows had gone and Harvey was whimpering pathetically, having had his fur singed by his heretofore much loved master. The rest of the party? Nowhere to be seen.

We desperately needed to recover the situation: We had to eliminate the witnesses to the perfidious violation of our hosts’ trust and retrieve the body of Owen, if only to recover the keys from his body.* We were unarmed and separated from the foe by two portcullis’s and needed to prevent a hue and cry being raised.

*In fact probably only to recover the keys from his body if we’re perfectly honest about it

Given our desperation and the need for a cruel and devastating response involving the brutal slaying of two hard working innocent dwarf guards, who else could be turn to but our dark elf, recent winner of the Cruella De Ville award for psychotic violence and the prestigious Hitler Prize for deranged megalomania?

Oakshadow unleashed an air elemental via her stone of doom to carry out the actual execution and the dwarves’ brief cries were brutally stilled. She then discovered a crawlway, accessed via the chamber roof that contained the trap mechanism, and before it disappeared the handy elemental bore her up to the controls and enabled her to raise the portcullis.

Owen now revealed himself to be still alive if not particularly ambulant, and we dragged him clear. Andilwei and Digger, drawn by the commotion now arrived* and the former was sent to fetch Snorri, our top ranked healer and general all round superhero, a job that surely even Andilwei could not screw up.

*Now that it was clear that the danger was passed

Andilwei now screwed up, getting involved in a pointless argument with the dwarf which would have created grounds for a fifteen month long investigation by the Commission for Racial Equality if it had chanced to slip through a chink in the multiverse to this reality. Fortunately it hasn’t and the argument was ended by the arrival of the rest of the party, who fed up with waiting around / bleeding to death, arrived anxious to employ Snorri’s healing skills. More specifically the elf wizard ended the matter by sleeping her comrade.

She was still somewhat angry herself, as not to be out done, the rest of the party had profitably invested an hour arguing about the wisdom of stripping the dwarf corpses of their weapons and animating them as zombies for good measure. The second plan had been somewhat hampered by the disintegration of the first body as we tried to execute the first.

Eventually the Getz faction (If the dwarves find us armed with weapons taken from their murdered brethren they are going to be a little peeved, and if we are actually controlling their friends’ undead corpses to boot they may be even more upset and this seems a foolish and unwise thing to do), triumphed over the Owen/ Oakshadow coalition (Hey we’re unarmed and the dwarves fired first and anyway dead dwarf bodyguards are tres chic this season.)

Following Getz’s urgings we withdrew to follow one of the unexplored passageways, Snorri having completed another round of basic surgery involving prodigious expenditure of fortune points. We closed the secret door behind us and struck off in a new direction with a view to throwing off any pursuit. Digger manfully attempted to conceal any tracks and we discovered a ladder in a rocky shrine and decided to descend it. We also located hidden there a scroll with instructions for dealing with some form of trap near a temple.

We descended a very long way, finding ourselves in another chamber where Andilwei scouting detected a number of mysterious noises which eventually were admitted to be prankish cantrips by our playful dark elf murderess. We descended yet another ladder and found ourselves in another cavern where we discovered a room full of manacles and a grated solitary confinement cell, apparently designed especially for French people.

Our cartography now was matching the map of the lower levels we had found earlier and sure enough it guided us to a store room up a flight of stairs and then through more secret doors to another corridor, where the elf found another trap. This one released a choking nauseating gas which had Getz retching and we were driven back to rest up.

The elf checked an area marked on our map as a kitchen and reported it as deserted, though later we discovered that a number of horribly tortured, mutilated and even roasted dwarf bodies liberally populated the area. He didn’t tell us to spare our feelings; apparently it was pretty grim, though one can’t help feeling that our dark elf would have enjoyed the experience.


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An Argumentative Descent
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