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PostSubject: Disaster!   Tue 29 Mar - 17:12:21


*Use of the singular here is wildly optomistic

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like to be a lookout on the masthead of the SS Titanic one lonely April night in 1912, watching as a massive iceberg bore down on you? Well, wonder no longer, experience exactly the same sensation with us now as you witness Snorri’s next action.

Snorri, never one to be bashful decided that the time had come to do a bit of bashing. After all, what kind of threat could possibly be posed by a few dusty dwarf statues, animated or not, against the slayer of wyverns, bearer of the Earth Crystal, wielder of the mighty magic hammer, many armed hero of siege and skirmish, dungeon delver extraordinaire?

Careless of his own safety, scorning the fact that the entire party between them mustered an arsenal basically consisting of a small fruit knife,* and unworried by the fact that he was out numbered five to one, Snorri stepped decisively onto the dais triggering the golem activation. He raised his hammer, issuing his traditional blood curdling battle cry, picking out the first victim from the oncoming horde, determined to deal destruction to the unsuspecting foe. His beard flying in rage he readied his first blow, looking forward to the satisfying crunch of stone as his hammer shattered and destroyed his opponents.

Then they killed him stone dead.

*Traditionally unless wielded by a fictional English Monarch against Saracen hordes, the fruit knife is virtually useless unless deployed against the legendary Tasmanian Kiwi monster.

Were we downhearted at this minor setback? Well difficult to tell as we had all left at maximum speed, the elves risking an untried exit, the rest of us fleeing in a completely dignified manner of course, back to the dwarf guard post.

On our breathless arrival at the dwarves I explained that our hasty return was the result of my miner’s sixth sense giving me a false alarm predicting an earth tremor and mine collapse. I then entertained them with some tales of great mining accidents that I had experienced in my many years behind the pick.

After some seconds I could see that they were losing interest in my tales of derring do, gripping though they were and we returned to the chamber where the guardians had returned to their inert state. Snorri’s body lay where it had fallen and I moved to see what had befallen the elves whilst Owen moved to check out our comrade’s corpse.

Imagine his surprise as he took the doomstone into safe keeping, when he discovered that Snorri still breathed. Getz joined him in dragging the body clear of the trap trigger and then Owen made the mistake of trying to pick up Snorri’s fallen hammer.

Astute readers* may immediately predict the outcome of mortal hands touching the cursed weapon. Owen was flung across the room by a jolt of energy, blacking out for a few seconds in what could easily have proved a fatal encounter.

* Not including for example, Owen

Meanwhile I followed the light that proved to be Cyrilliac’s dancing marsh lights, catching her up as she thought better of straying too far alone. Having expected to find both elves together I was somewhat concerned for Andilwei who had followed a different path. We reassembled the whole, somewhat battered party and set off after him.

The sea elf had been busy, discovering a secret passageway that led to a flight of stairs. At the top, even as we had almost caught up with our reckless compatriot, he discovered a warm welcome as he checked a door off the landing he had discovered. All too warm in fact as a pair of fire elementals attacked him.

Fleeing for his life amid a disturbing smell of burning tights, the rest of us stood aside as our noble leader Getz stepped forward brandishing the fire crystal. In a staggering and some would say unique display of competence the elemental, (for the pair had merged into one greater whole), was drawn into the doomstone, vanishing into its chaotic heart.

Having overridden the trap, we passed through into a vault beyond, and Snorri soon punched a way through the next door revealing another beyond. Meanwhile, unbeknown to us, the secretive Owen had discovered a secret panel containing three keys coded H D and F. Owen then displayed more flair for searching, discovering a map of the lower levels in the vault. At least he shared this find.

Next we stood well back whilst Snorri had some trouble getting his doomstone working again. The delay was put to use checking the corridor in the other direction, Getz ordering Owen to move silently and check for traps in this corridor. Owen promptly demonstrated a flair for liberal interpretation of orders, neglecting the trap searching element of Getz’s orders.

Despite this however, he was completely successful in detecting a trap in short order, two portcullises’s dropping to trap him in the corridor. Even as Getz struggled unsuccessfully to lift the rear gate, dwarf voices could be heard rushing to investigate the trap’s activation from the far side.

A quick glance around the corner by the trapped vampire hunter confirmed that the dwarves were armed with crossbows. Unfortunately whilst a mere visual confirmation would have sufficed, hard evidence supporting this hypothesis was supplied by the nine inch crossbow bolt protruding from his face. A second bolt struck him from point blank range as he writhed on the ground and he began to crawl back towards the hapless Getz.

It looked black for our heroes: The Vampire Hunter’s life was ebbing away, the dwarves were alerted and ready to rouse the complex against us, the party was divided in the three parts scattering our meagre force ineffectually as it had been almost for the whole of this disastrous session.

Still, when you’ve got Doomstones there’s always the opportunity to make things worse: Getz duly did so, and in trying to blind the dwarf guards with a thunderflash to aid Owen’s escape, managed to trigger a fireball instead. And not in even vaguely the right direction as Getz’s dog Harvey* and Cyrilliac will attest, both injured, the latter severely in the ensuing explosion.

*No doubt the explosion constituted a Harvey Wallbanger

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