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 Snorri Reveals Hitherto unsuspected Irish Accent

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PostSubject: Snorri Reveals Hitherto unsuspected Irish Accent   Tue 22 Mar - 17:53:56

A Gaelic Dwarf Reports
Well begonne ‘n begorrah ta be sure oim here amongst what were once me very own folk, though dey o course still tink dat oim one o de little people me very own self. So we start to find a way onward into the moine and are soon finding ourselves pretty well lost. De place has twists and turns and turns and twists and some of da fellows we talks to are de helpful sort, an some are less than helpful. So says Oi, we’ll just keep on lookin for dat dere fourth stone to be sure.

After passing true another guard room we comes upon some workshops where der’s some forging going on. Seems dat trap finding and disarming equipment is da number one priority and dat’s what dey’re making by all the saints. We passes true a storage area with a lot of equipment, but no one takes any cos they’re fearing dat dey be in trouble with our hosts if dey are found tooled up.

Everyone’s unarmed really exceptin my good self, though one of dose snooty elves has a blade hidden where the sun don’t shine and me old mate Tracey has himself a cosh made with a bit o stone wrapped in cloth: Fat lot o good dey’ll be. Looks like it’s just me and my hammer against the wide world, still my money’s on me.

The elf bitch is being a right old pain and generally making herself less and less popular with everyone including me if that was possible. De udder one does manage to make himself useful clocking a pit trap in a long corridor we find. Everyone jumps it without much trouble as it’s only a short hop, even for me. We den reach a spiral staircase going up, which turns out to be a rare old climb and oim completely knackered in no time at all at all.

At the top we find we’re on the wrong end of a row of crossbows yet again, but my usual smooth blarney and pedigree seems to convince dem we’re ok to enter the posh royal level which is what we’ve found for ourselves. After some more irritating contributions by the bitch we make it true to a large chamber full of scrolls and writings, obviously quarters to some key player of de visitors. Te bitch deciphers some of it and claims dat it reveals various tings about da rivalry between various leaders and stresses again da tret of da rival faction seeking da crown. Also it seems pretty clear der’s a magical trap in de room dat somehow brings to life da statues of dwarf warriors that stand behind tree trones on a raised dias. Not a peep out of our stones though.

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Snorri Reveals Hitherto unsuspected Irish Accent
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